Guns ’N’ Roses Used To Love

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Text of Guns ’N’ Roses Used To Love

  • 1. GunsN Roses -Used To Love HerMusic Video By Joe Keller and Mitchell Banks

2. Details

  • The genre for this song is Rock, the intended length for our music video should last no longer than 3 minutes 20 seconds

3. Stylistic influences

  • Stylistic Influences mainly from the other Guns N Roses music video- Patience
  • LINK-
  • Also shots being used in production influenced from films such as Psycho and Pulp Fiction
  • Link to pulp fiction trailer, which show one of the intended shot that we want to use- 1:50
  • A particular shot form the film Psycho is one of our influences for our music video, below is a link of a shot we intend to use from the film

4. Intended Audience

  • 14-35 Males
  • They shall be targeted by the Music and the Band itself
  • Our audience will also be intended for regular readers of Rolling Stone magazine, fans of Quentin Tarantino films, and regular viewers of comedy T.V channel Dave

5. Visual Style

  • The camera work that we have influence from would be Psycho the particular shot in which the mysterious silhouette approaches Marion Crane whilst she is in the shower.
  • We took another influence from the movie Pulp Fiction in which Jules and Vincent are opening the boot of their car. 1:50

6. Sound Style

  • Below is a sample of our music we intend to use,
  • Music-
  • We also intended to use sound effects, mainly one of a car crash
  • Effect-

7. Mise en scene

  • Shots of house
  • Costumes: all casual clothes, to resemble simple working class citizens

8. Narrative Structure

  • A young man who lives with his annoying and nagging girlfriend, has finally had enough of her moaning and decides to bump her off, resulting in humorous consequences.
  • Opening shot of band playing, cut away to happy couple, then fade away to unhappy man and nagging girlfriend, first attempt to knock her off, band playing, second attempt, band playing, third attempt, band playing, final attempt

9. Ancillary Task 1

  • For Ancillary task 1, we plan to create a magazine cover, advertising the band and the new video.
  • We plan to use the magazine Rolling Stone as this is the magazine that most of our intended audience would read. On the cover we would have a shot of the band and a headline promoting the new music video

10. Ancillary Task 2

  • We plan to create a cover of a DVD package for the release of the music video.
  • The cover will include a shot of the band, standing behind the girlfriend in the video wielding their instruments as weapons. It will include the name of he song.

11. Team Roles

  • Mitchell = Boyfriend in video, lead singer of band, co editor, co writer and co director
  • Joe = Clueless driver, rhythm guitarist, co editor, co writer and co director
  • Andy = lead guitarist
  • Ashleigh = Annoying girlfriend
  • Adam = Drummer

12. Conclusion

  • Our USP is the style of the video an the music itself.
  • We will demonstrate skills by being able to get the lip synching on time, a variety of different and interesting shots of the band playing, continuity consistent.