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  • 1.Home Dcor Items Where to get these at affordable prices? Home dcor items add life to your dwelling. Nevertheless, finding a right piece for decoration is not easy. In this document, we bring you tips on where to get these items at affordable prices. No festival is a festival without decoration. Decoration brings life to your event and fulfills every purpose of the celebration. Home dcor items are the artifacts you can use to decorate or adorn venues such as halls, offices, entire dwellings or even a corner of your main/living room. However, the challenge is to find the right home dcor items that should go well with the theme of the event. Just Artifacts Paper Lanterns and other Chinese/Asian Dcor

2. What are home dcor items? Gone are the days when we had a limited number of decorating items. Today, we have plenty of options when it comes to home dcor items. Right from colorful ribbons to sky lanterns and artificial flowers to electronic artifacts, you got everything to make your event a momentous event. What are the most popular home dcor items? The list is endless. Nevertheless, we present you the most popular items used to adorn your home and turn those auspicious moments memorable. Lanterns: Lanterns are now used more as home dcor items. Chinese lanterns are believed to bring good luck and happiness, and that is why they have become an integral part of propitious and significant events. Paper lanterns, sky (or floating) lanterns, silk lanterns, and water lanterns are widely available on the Internet. These lanterns are available in vibrant colors, various sizes and different textures. The buyer may purchase one or many lanterns as per the occasion. 3. Tissue Poms & Balloons: Tissue poms and balloons are also an affordable way to decorate your home or dwelling. These artifacts are popular because they are easy to use and cheap in price. While they can be used for any occasion, they are the preferred choice for birthday bashes, baby showers and other childrens events. Straws & Flowers: Paper straws are used to decorate dishes and walls. Artificial flowers made from special paper find a suitable place on the tables and elsewhere to celebrate the event to its fullest. More and more people now prefer getting such artifacts instead of costly home dcor items. Paper straws and flowers can do wonders when placed at right places. 4. Parasols & Hand Fans: These artifacts are not utility items anymore. They are now used to adore the tables and walls. Available in different colors and shades, these are the perfect home dcor items to be used for any happy occasion, event or function. Along with above listed items, other artifacts such as art dolls, party masks, candles, beads/beading, table/dinnerware and a lot of other colorful artifacts can be used as an affordable item for home dcor. Just Artifacts is a well-known online store selling home dcor items such as parasols, lanterns, balloons, party masks, candles, paper straws and other such products. Log on to the website and order your home decorative items now. Just Artifacts LLC PO Box 11382 Tempe, AZ 85284 Phone: 1-866-620-8328 Email: customers@justartifacts.com Website: http://www.justartifacts.net http://www.facebook.com/justartifacts.net https://twitter.com/JustArtifacts https://plus.google.com/u/0/111418315083491133627/ http://pinterest.com/justartifacts/ Contact Us