How To Get Your Mower Ready For Summer

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How to get your mower ready for Summer. :)


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    • Act extremely motivated (false motivation is better than no motivation)
    • Be very pleasant to your spouse (temp.)
    • Plan your work (gonna need some beer)
    • Work your plan (follow the remaining slides verbatim)
    • Enjoy!
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    • Solution: Create a situation where you cannot lose
      • You tell the wife (or husband if hes the bitch) hey, honey, I was going to mow the lawn and the mower isnt cutting the way its supposed to. It looks all ragged. I think it may need a new blade but I could probably save some money by just sharpening it but I dont have that tool. Im gonna run and pick up a tool to save us some money, can I get you anything while Im out pumpkin?
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    • Okay, first things first
      • Get your best cooler out and put it in the back of the truck
      • Drive to the local brew shop, get the beer and ice loaded
      • Head to your local Lowes (home depot or Sears if you prefer)
      • Get the kit on the next slide (only one with the particular tool you need in it)
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    • First and foremost upon return: do not start drinking until after youve briefed the spouse
    • Explain how buying the kit actually saved you hundreds of dollars because you got all the other tools almost free
    • Kiss her on the forehead and tell her she looks beautiful and you love her
    • Get out move stealthily to the garage
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    • Lets get to work
      • What you know:
        • Beer is good when cold
        • Beer is good when plentiful
        • Beer.. Wait a minute, what were we here for?
        • Oh yeah, sharpen the blade
        • Next slide
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    • Gas tank on the top side
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    • Probably a 9/16 th (14 mm) for my metric friends
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    • The shaft is close to the end of its life
    • This shaft may soon need replacement, go to the manufacturers website and order it now.
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    • Place it on something narrow, if it balances good, if not grind on the side that is lower, rebalance, regrind, etc.
    • Put the blade back on and tighten it securely (if weak get neighbor)
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