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  • 1. ..Easy Acces..from JagorawiTOLL..Located in Sentul Bogor.. ..The Biggest Theme Park In Indonesia..35 ha..5 Zone.. 40 rides..a lot of show attraction
  • 2. Downtown Zone is a Food &Beverages Zone , the popularbrand from Indonesian Tenantwill be located here, place into a unique architecturetenant design whichrepresented some habitat andanimal nest. Some food brandwhich become our tenant are,MC.Donald,Starbuck,Hansuki,Sosialita and many othersDowntown operation startfrom 09.00 to 22.00 ( everyday ).Like a mall, Downtown isfree for any visitors.
  • 3. Carnival Zone is likeAmusement Rides, Variousrides are avaible for family.Some rides in these zone ismuch bigger than othertheme park in Indonesia suchas Giant Ferris Wheel,Daytona.Some rides is first appearancein Indonesia such as Air Race,Disko.Carnival zone have anamphitheater which havefountain and show attraction.Carnival zone open 09.00-22.00 ( every day ).
  • 4. Mysteria Zone, is a thrillingzone, Some rides make ouradrenaline comes to out,Some rides is new inIndonesia such as Hidro Liftand Elevated Coaster.Mysteria Zone have functionhall for the capacities 400seat.Mysteria Zone and 3 otherzone open start 09.00-18.00
  • 5. Tropicalia Zone is uniquezone specially for childrenages start from 3 years old.Some rides is brand new likejeep tour and north pool.Theme from tropicalia zone isfruit and vegetables, childrencan learn about the benefitfrom consume fruit andvegetables. They can learn inKeluarga Tropicalia rides islike animatronic show.Tropicalia open start 09.00-18.00
  • 6. Explora Zone is EdutainmentZone. These Zona containtEdutainment Rides from pastto the future.Dino Zoo is brand new inIndonesia design by thefamous dino park from beijing, Science centre havedimension to 500 m2 ,describe thebiology,physic,geology,robotand many othersExplora Zone open start from09.00-18.00
  • 7. Further Information Please Call Us : Oktavia 085719131290 Pin BB : 29EB7E38 Send Email to : olive_vhe07@yahoo.com