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  • 1. Ever since I was a child, I DREAMED of working in NYC

2. When I was accepted at MIT, I knew I was getting closer and closer to a BIG city job and I was SOOOO happy 3. When I didnt understand gyroscopes 4. And had to stay up doing problem sets 5. I would take a break, sit out in the courtyard, and gaze out at the Prudential I will end up at the TOP of that someday, I thought 6. I landed an internship at a big firm in NYC And it was. COMPETITIVE 7. There was the SCARY BOSS, the TERRIBLE HOURS, And the standard corporate bureaucracy 8. After all, this was my DREAM When I got the offer to come back full-time, I still signed it 9. the Prudential became surprisingly SMALL But when I got back on campus, 10. suffocatingly LARGE And New York had become 11. I realized that as a CHILD, they had taught me to DREAM 12. But I had defined my dream as a tangible OBJECT 13. So that once I had jumped over the Prudential and landed in NYC 14. I had NOTHING after that 15. Having left MIT and Boston behind, I realized that I was just one more dinosaur following behind a line of many 16. And that, as they always say Life really is an un-ending stream of moving goal posts 17. But I thought to myself, It is DANGEROUS to settle I dont want to wake up when Im older wishing that I had run after my dreams just a LITTLE BIT harder 18. Perhaps the secret is not to define my DREAMS as objects, but rather as PRINCIPLES that guide my decisions 19. Instead of thinking, I want to be a ballerina 20. I should dream that I can influence peoples lives with my work 21. Instead of wanting to be on TOP I should focus on doing what I LOVE 22. After all, once you reach the TOP There is always someone right there to meet you, so the top that you pictured in your mind really doesnt exist 23. That doesnt mean that I stop DREAMING It just means that I live loving the PRESENT, while working towards the FUTURE After all, my DREAMS are an extension of my personality And if thats true, what would I be without them? 24. So Im going to keep DREAMING 25. As time passes, I CHANGE And so do my DREAMS Yes, Im a girl, but how else do I show an aging dinosaur? 26. But the PRINCIPLES and AMBITIONS that have guided my life wont change 27. So Ill keep DREAMING And I hope youll keep DREAMING too 28. Thanks for reading Willows Wednesday Musings Image from essitolling.wordpres