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For those weekends when there's nothing to do, we at Kids Club Smilecatch help you put together fun activities to entertain your kids.


<ul><li> 1. FUN ACTIVITIES TO DO WITH CHILDREN </li></ul> <p> 2. Organize a treasure Hunt Looking to give your kids an exciting adventure? Whats more fun and thrilling than a Treasure Hunt? Turn your home into an desert island and send your kids in an epic voyage! Did you ever hear your kids saying how bored they were? Well, no more mate! Surprise them and show them you can be creative and exciting. Learn more about your kids. Treasure Hunts are great to interact with your kids and get to know them better. 3. Materials You will need: Treasure!! (at least some prizes) Some pen and paper (give it an old appearance by burning the corners) ostumes (optional but can be more fun for them) Preparation time: About 20 minutes Activity time: Varies according to the amount of clues you prepare Location: Backyard, house, apartment or local park/playground are all great options 4. preparation 1. Establish a theme Surprise and delight your kids by choosing a theme related to their interests. Archeology, Princesses, Pirates and Ancient Egypt are all great options. You can also take this chance to teach something such as history, science or math that can be related to the theme. 2. Write and plan your clues How many and how difficult will be your clues? Write as many as you want but not too many so they can stay engaged in the treasure hunt. Create interesting clues using word plays and puns. Think about the age of your children and dont write clues too difficult 5. preparation 3. Prepare your treasure If you do not have a chest or a box that fits the theme of the Treasure Hunt use a cardboard box and paint it at your taste. Stuff the treasure with small toys, trinkets and candies to celebrate the successful ending of the adventure! 4. Dont let your kids see you hiding the clues This accident would ruin all the Treasure Hunt so be sure that youre not found out! Plan it and, if necessary, hide the clues while your children are at school. You can also ask someone to take them on a little walk to give you time to do it. 6. ThE HUNTING 5. Start the treasure hunt When everythings ready you can gather the kids and send them searching for the treasure. This is an activity that works best you groups smaller than five elements. Be certain to explain all the rules and boundaries before the Treasure Hunts starts. Encourage them to work together and do some brainstorming so that everyone can participate. 6. Let them solve the clues You can accompany them on the Treasure Hunt but do not solve the clues for them. Let them be creative and try different approaches. If theyre stuck too long on a clue give them small hints that they can decipher be able to move forward in the Treasure Hunt. 7. ThE HUNTING 7. Watch them succeed The moment they reach the end of the Treasure Hunt must be witnessed by you, the mastermind behind it all. When your children find the treasure be there to cheer, clap and celebrate their successful endeavor. Watch their faces as they open the treasure and find all sorts of nice things just for them. 8. Now what? Now you get to think about the next Treasure Hunt! What will it be? Maybe an trip to space, an adventure to the jungle full of wild animals or maybe a journey to the center of the earth. Let your imagination run wild! Now that you put together your first Treasure Hunt you can save the best clues to use in some way in future activities of this kind. Hope you and your kids were able to enjoy your Treasure Hunt and 9. See you in next games! </p>