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Information about our workshops at TRIBAL ROUTE, VERSOVA, MUMBAI, to celebrate Childrens Month


<ul><li> 1. KEC PRESENTS The CHILDRENS MONTH Workshops at TANGRAMS AND STORYTELLING14, 15 NOV, 2009THREE IN A ROW BOARD GAMES GALATRIBAL ROUTE 21, 22 NOV, 2009RYTHMIC STORYTELLING 28, 29 NOV, 2009 </li></ul> <p> 2. Story Telling with Tangram!Ni Hao kids!You are invited to explore the creatively stimulating 2000 year old Chinese dissection puzzle, - THE TANGRAM.Get ready to embark on a fun filled two day journey to re-energise the flow between two brain hemispheres: your left and right brain, and in turn boost your creativity.Role playing and dramatizing Tangram Tales Story Theatre with the the 7 tans, putting on your visual-spatial thinking cap and discovering a world of animals, people and objects as you flip over and manipulate the wooden hand crafted tiles, are some of the highlights of this language arts and math combine workshop.Age group: 5 - 8 years Fees : 1000 per head Duration: 2 hoursSaturday 14 [5.30-7.30 pm] ; Sunday 15 [ 11.30 am - 1.30 pm ]. Max : 15 ChildrenThis fee is inclusive of photocopied material. Each participant will be provided with a wooden hand crafted tangram to be used at the venue only.Venue:Tribal Route 18 Aram Nagar 2,Versova Beach Road,Andheri West,Mumbai 61 Three in a Row Traditional Board Game Carnival. The precursor to our modern day tic tac toe, three in a row games combine quick thinking and strategic planning. Be prepared to challenge your brain with this mentally stimulating leisure activity. The games will be played on wooden boards hand crafted by artisans from rural IndiaBesides socially interacting with your peer group the workshop will showcase three distinct cultures that the games belong to.Age group: 7-11 years Fee: Rs 1000/- Duration: 2 hoursSat 21 [5.30-7.30 pm] ; Sun 22 Nov [11.30 am - 1.30 pm] Max : 16 Children RHYTHMIC STORYTELLINGRhyme, Rhythm and Repetition are the three great 'R's of storytelling. Rhythm is the heartbeat of all music. Children respond actively to a good rhythm. In this workshop we'll use the egg-shaped Latin percussion instrument , the maracas, the Afro-Cuban sticks, the claves and put those rhythms together into exciting combinations and incorporate them into the body of the story. Involving the young learners in these interactive,entertaining sessions will enhance their enjoyment of the storytelling process.Age Group : 4-7yearsMax No. 12 - 15Time : 1 and a half hoursSessions : Saturday and Sunday , 5.30-7pm Saturday, 28 Nov 11.30-1pm, Sunday, 29 NovFee : Rs 750/- This fee is inclusive of photocopied material. Each participant will be provided with the musical instruments to be used at the venue. </p>