List of few Famous celebrities’ takes on feminism

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  • Listoffew Famouscelebrities takesonfeminism Fight for the right of women is a serious issue in any society and feminists fight for such rights. So, here are some of the viewpoints of famous celebrities about womanism, which is against the current condition of the society to achieve certain rights in various aspects of life.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker, an American actress in an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, said that, she appreciates what her mothers generation did and agrees that they are the beneficiaries of a lot of frustration, distress, discouragement, and misunderstanding.

    Shailene Woodley is one of the well-known American actresses in an interview with TIME magazine denied being a feminist. She thinks the idea of women raising power isnt going to work because you need balance.

  • Lana Del Ray is an American singer, songwriter and model has speared her opinion on feminism. He points that the issue of feminism is not an interesting concept. And she is more interested in whats happening in their intergalactic possibilities.


    Marissa Meyer is a Yahoo CEO in one of the documentaries said that she believes in equal rights, as the women are also as capable as men and across the world, theres a lot of opportunities for them to explore their talent.

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