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<p>Magazine cover analysis</p> <p>Magazine cover analysis The magazine is controlled and dominated by the rappers face to hint that the magazine is mainly focusing on him or he might have the most important story in the magazine. Also around the rappers head there is a white outline which fades to black as it goes to the edge of the magazine to suggest that he is powerful or there is a meaning to his story in the magazine. Also the white outline maybe used to make his face leap out of the magazine cover, almost to give a 3D affect to feel more interactive with the audience. The text has colours of white and black to show that it wants to be simplistic , basic and it wants to match in with the rappers clothes which makes most of the magazine synced in colour. The masthead of the magazine cover has a text colour of white and it is in a rectangle which is red to make it more clear. The masthead is very basic which could suggest that the company wants the logo to be easily remembered. As the size of the text increases it gets outlined to show that its important but the most largest text is just made of an outline(50) which must suggest that they dont want to cover a lot of the image. The reason I like this magazine cover is because of the black and white colour scheme and the simplicity of the content although the magazine cover still looks full. All of this put to together makes it look professional.The reason I dont like the magazine cover is because the magazine logo covers some of the rappers head which interrupts the cover and the colour of the logo does not compliment any of the other parts of the magazine which makes the logo not fit in.</p>