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Evaluation Question- part one

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  • 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop and challengeforms and conventions of real lifemedia products?Using Mise on scene I have analysedanother pop genre music video byTaylor Swift and compared it to my ownproduct.

2. Mise en Scene - PropsWe developed the use of props of photos to make it more easierfor the audience to understand the narrative and what thesong was about. The shot of the photo of the boy and girlallows the audience to see it shall be a love song. This issimilar to the way Taylor Swift has used the use of notes asprops in her music video. 3. Mise en Scene- ActorsFor our music video we used the traditional representation ofactors in a pop genre music video of a boy and girl being inlove. This was the same as what Taylor Swift had done in hermusic video you belong with me.The boy and girl. 4. Mise en Scene-lightening/colorWe used natural lightening for majority of our shots as theywas mostly filmed outside. Taylor Swift might have hadlightening for hr shot to give it a more glow to the shot tomake it look perfect and typical day in America where itwould of been filmed. The extra lightening would of givenall the shots more of sun kissed look to make it look morehappy and create a fairytale image. 5. Mise en Scene-make upWe challenged the convention of make up as used more of noticeable make up. This wasto make Scarlett more grown up as we was having shots of her in the past and presentday. Also the location in which Taylor Swift song is based is a high school in which theywouldnt be able to wear loads of make up. Most artist who target audience is youngerhey wont wear loads of make up to promote young child to wear it. 6. Mise en Scene-locationIt was hard to use the convention location to tie in with our pop genre. Wehad to challenge it as we would be able to go or afford the location in whichmost pop genre music videos where usually based. We a group memberhouse to film some scenes and then a park to film others. This is similar toTaylors as she used two locations which was their homes (only saw bedrooms)and the school (dance and football field). 7. Mise en Scene-costumeWe challenged this convention of costume in my group as due to theweather we was able to have our actors dress up in dressy clothes asit would be too cold. We had to make sure the clothes we had ouractors wear was suitable to the genre and they would appeal to ourtarget audience. In Taylor Swift she wears your typical teenageroutfits, until the end wear she is seen wearing a ball gown for herschool prom. 8. NarrativeSeeing was doing the genre pop we decided to have the storyline to bebased on relationship and being in love as that what most of them arebased on . It is similar to the storyline that Taylor Swift song is about.Both songs there is a relationship and there is a new girlfriend in whichthe by is going out with but shouldnt be. 9. ShotsWe use the shot of a two shot several time through our music video toshow the relationship between the characters. We also challenge this shoAs we added the effect of a spilt screen in our music video, this was toCreate the effect she was looking back at past memories and wishing shecould change them is possible. In another pop genre music video theyUse the shot of two shot as well to show that there is chemistry betweenthe actors.