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AppLift is the leading mobile games marketing platform, focussed on freemium games. We bridge mobile game developers who wish to acquire loyal gamers with publishers that are able deliver these at high-quality and scale. So far, we partner with 100+ game publishers such as King, Wooga and EA and with 1000+ publishers. As freemium mobile games are sky-rocketing and consumers already play 55mins on their smartphones / tablets per day, we help publishers around the globe to substantially benefit from these dynamics: By complementing their digital products & services with compelling games. This not only complements and monetizes traffic, but much more leads to incremental subscribers, increased satisfaction / loyalty and thus ARPU. We are 65 people headquartered in Berlin with offices in San Francisco and Seoul


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2. Intro to AppLift We promote mobile games from 90 of the top 100 game developers And are the largest traffic source for some of these, delivering more installs than Facebook or Google on a global scale Serving their customers demand for mobile games, we partner with Carriers, OEMs and Media Houses/TV Channels This drives substantial on-top revenue for our partners We are 65+ FTEs backed by HitFox Group and Prime Ventures with our HQ in Berlin and offices in San Francisco and SeoulAppLift GmbH www.applift.com2 3. The Mobile Games Market & Users ChallengeAppLift GmbH www.applift.com3 4. As users love Mobile Games, the industry is sky-rocketing Worldwide Android Smartphone time spent per app category1 News 2%Entertainm ent 10%Social Networking 26%1) 2)Playing 55 min / day1Rest 9%Utilities 10%# Mobile gamers2 TodayGames 43%YoY growth#129m66%#146m38%#412m25%Flurry 2012: Flurry reaches 1 billion monthly unique smartphone and tablet devices across iOS, Android and other platforms Newzoo, Juniper, eMarketer, AppLiftAppLift GmbH www.applift.com4 5. However, users need guidance to easily discover the best gamesConsumers challenge +5k new games each month# 120k Games in the Apple App Store# 240kHow to easily discover the best games in this ocean?Games at Google PlayAppLift GmbH www.applift.com5 6. Delight users by enabling their easy game discovery within familiar content your digital productsAppLift GmbH www.applift.com6 7. AppLifts seamless integration formats enable users easy and engaging game discovery Integration formats for Mobile Websites & AppsDirect (Icon+text)GamesList (iFrame)Android & iOSAppLift GmbH www.applift.comPlayAds (SDK)GameFinder appWhite-Label AppAndroid7 8. Business Model & Reporting ReportingBusiness Model We pay you a commission per install (CPI) for each downloaded game via the App store / Google Play Store by your users View clicks, installs and revenue generated in real-time CPIs range between 0.5-4 USD (depending on game/ operating system, country) Example: Monthly on-top revenue 10m active monthly users Click-throughrate 5%AppLift GmbH Install-rate 8% Revenue per 80k install USD 2 USD8 9. 1 & 2 Direct Integration & GamesListAppLift GmbH www.applift.com9 10. Integration of games into both mobile web & apps of biggest Austrian newspaper krone Prominent integration to landingpageand to navigation categories+Games are presented within the content...AppLift GmbH www.applift.comor as a category in the navigationwhich redirects to the iFrame10 11. PlayAds (SDK)AppLift GmbH www.applift.com11 12. Delight users with an engaging & entertaining game discovery in your native app (1/2)PlayAds (SDK) Easy integration: SDK will take no longer than 20mins. Our tech team will fully support the implementation Fully customizable to your look & feelUser tapsAppLift GmbH www.applift.comand unwraps by scratching eCPM up to $30 as users are engaged and entertained12 13. customizable to your design requirements (2/2)Your designImages and text are customizable directly from the server (no need to resubmit the app) AppLift GmbH www.applift.com13 14. Dedicated mobile games channel presented as an engaging gift to CLOSER users (French celebrity app)Click Jeuxopen giftscratch to open..and install for free AppLift customized and designed the SDK to fit Closers layout Highly successful as games are perceived as value-ad: Conversion rate >30%, eCPM: $30, industry benchmark: $9 AppLift GmbH www.applift.com14 15. ContactDaniel Heer Head of Strategic PartnershipsEmail: Tel.: +49 (0) 173 260 94 97AppLift GmbH www.applift.com15