(One of Those) Crazy Girls -My Pitch

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My pitch for my music video

Text of (One of Those) Crazy Girls -My Pitch

  • 1. By Jenny Creek My Pitch - Music Video

2. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls- Paramore Paramore 3. The Storyboard - Narrative Picture frames Break up Becomes a Crazy Girl (psycho-obsessed) Change of character Get back together 4. Similar Products Massad - Girl Next Door JB Fanvideo Jonas Brothers - Tonight 5. Casting James Donnex Sarah-Jane Creek 6. Location Living Room Park Streets Bedroom Car Outside a house 7. Target Audience & Ancillary Tasks Teenage Girls -interested in pop/rock music -related to relationships they have had (teenage girls and boys) Ancillary Task -Idea 8. Format, Genre and Rating Format = Genre = Pop/Rock - comedy twist Rating = 9. Creativity Split-screen = phone conversation Photo frames of couple = love failing good ---------------------------------> bad Use of props = related to song different camera angles 10. By Jenny Creek My Pitch - Music Video

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