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  • 1. Volkswagen Phaeton FactoryDresden Germany By Max Wagner

2. Location The Phaeton factory is in the heart of downtown Dresden Germany. Dresden is known for the old buildings and historic sites 3. A Higher Class in Production The Phaeton factory is known as the Transparent Factory, because the whole factory is surrounded by glass. The architecture is one of a kind for an assembly line. Instead of concrete floors, VW uses Canadian Maple 4. Real Wood Floors! 5. Only Factory Where: You, the visitor, can see the cars being made Has a museum in addition to assembly plant Customers are allowed on the floor of the plant to participate in the production of their own car. 6. Ethical Implications People of Dresden worried it would bring lots of traffic, noise, and pollution because it is in the middle of town. VWs Answer to concerns: The Transparent Factory is part assembly factory, part museum Factory is a beautiful piece of architecture All supplies come on the CarGO Train 7. CarGO Train! All parts and supplies for the factory come from a train that travels on the public rails of Dresden, and is unloaded at the factory Thus, eliminating the noise and pollution from the production of parts and tools for the assembly line. 8. Transparent Factory Innovations Once the supply train drops off the supplies, the supplies are sorted into containers and placed on robotic sleds. The robotic sled drives itself from the train, throughout the assembly hall, up and down elevators, and parks itself at the desired location for the supplies in the assembly line. 9. How does it work? Magic? No its not magic The sled is directed by magnets in the floor, through a special robotic magnet guidance system There are over 60,000 magnets embedded in the floor of the Phaeton factory to guide the robots, like a road map 10. Advantages of the Magnetic System Because the robotic sled takes the correct amount of supplies needed to the proper location, the assembly line is never slowed down due to shortage of parts. This increases the efficiency of the assembly line Another advantage of the magnetic floor system is, it allows the assembly line to be in constant motion on a conveyor belt that goes throughout the whole facility. 11. More from the Floor! The floor also delivers energy through the 60,000 embedded magnets, by means of conduction. The floor powers the sleds and portable work stations The work stations glide across the floor, and have acomputer which is connected to the server. The server tells the worker what job to do, and how muchof that job is left to do. The portable work station also tells the employee when abolt is fully in place, decreasing the chances of flaws in thePhaeton throughout production. This also tells the computer and assembly line when the car is ready for the next stage in the production. 12. Work Stations and Storage Units 13. A bird? A plane? No A Car! Once the body of the car is put together, the undercarriage must be installed. To make the work easiest and most successful, the Phaeton is suspended in mid air and can be turned any way to accomplish tasks for the chassis and undercarriage. This also goes in a loop like the conveyor belt previously mentioned. 14. A True Owners Experience Customers who have already bought their car, can go onto the production line and watch their car be put together. Those customers whove bought a Phaeton and awaiting for it to be built, can help put bolts and other parts in place; because the work stations have the intelligent system, it is not a liability. Most customers go to see the body/chassis be bolted to the drive train of the car, known to be one of the most crucial stages in production. 15. Chassis Meets Drive Train 16. End of the Line To increase the personalization customers have with their car, customers have the option to literally drive the car off the production line. 17. How does it affect me? How does this affect the quality of living? This clearly enhances the quality of living for thecustomer, because they feel more confident about thequality of their car they bought, decreasing the levelof worry for customers. This new way of looking at car production clearly is a step forward in car production. The new technologies in the Dresden factory is clearly not a fad, and will be an integral part for future car production. Questions? 18. Works Cited WNllA Pictures- 37641-A-Photo-Tour-of-the-Transparent-Factory- in-Dresden