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  • Californias Madonna nnWith tons of wacky themed rooms, theres nothing dull about Californias Madonna Inn bed looks like a carriage and horns hang above the bed $200 a day

  • GALACTC SUT SPACE RESORTBarcelona 3 $ million cost4 million $2014 -2016

  • GAMRASU CAVE Capadocia The cave used to be a Byzantine monastic retreat Over 1000 years old

  • CAPSULE HOTELJapanLittle space or much more a pod Businessman

  • The Giraffe Manor Easth AfricaExclusive hotel in East Africa famous for its resident herd of giraffe Giraffes dont wonder the grounds they eat dinner with you by sticking their heads through the windows.

  • The Daspark Hotelrobust drain pipes full headroom, double bed, storage, light, power, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag. Austria

  • Jumbo Hotel

    Its certainly not easy to sleep on the airplane. Unless you count the Jumbo Hostel in Switzerland. Here you can spend the night onboard a real jumbo jet. Switzerland747 jumbo jet150 -200 $

  • .The Shady Dell HotelArizonaopportunity to sleep in one of nine vintage aluminum trailers

  • The Hobbit Motel Small cabinsNew zelandthe lodge offers 10 rustic log-cabins

  • Magic Mountain Hotel The Lodge was built using exclusively local wood and has a very unique architectural style similar to a volcano .The cozy 9 superior rooms are decorated in a warm natural and pleasant mountain style. 10 logistic cabinsChile170$

  • Kumbuk River Resort Sri Lankathe shape of an elephant While you can sleep in the elephants belly, the resort also features two other chalets for larger groups Small groups are have exclusive use by reserving the entire resort. 250$ per night

  • The Everland Hotel Parishas only one bedroom, one lounge and a bathroom. The room can be booked for one night only, the mini-bar is fully stocked


  • Null Stern HotelZero star hotelswitzerland


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