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  • 1. PRELIMINARY EVALUATION SHEET Quality of Summary My honest evaluation- what was done Strategies put forward to make sure a well and what was not of good standard? high quality is maintained. Try to cite specific example and moments from your video Quality of holding a shot Unfortunately, whilst filming the When we film the opening two steady preliminary task we were unable to use a minutes of our film we should use a tripod to keep the camera steady so we tripod for the shots that are required had to hold the camera by hand. Due to to be steady so that our work will have this problem a lot of the shots are a bit more of a professional finish. wobbly, for example, the first shot of Leon waiting for Jemima (the police woman) to come the camera is not steady. Quality of the framing For the most part of the preliminary task Next time we should not only make shots the quality of the framing shots are quite sure we have a tripod, but we should good. However, when Jemima walks into also look back over the film before the room part of her head is cut off for a leaving the location that we are couple of seconds. However, this was shooting at to check that the framing is partly due to the fact that we didnt have a right and that we have used the right tripod because we were unable to angles etc. We should also take more maneuver the camera without making it takes of each scene than we did in the wobble, even more, to keep her in the shot preliminary task as a contingency plan. at all times. On the other hand, an example of a good framing shot is when Leon is seen picking up the wanted poster and an over the shoulder shot is used also the camera is at a high angle to make the audience look down on him and his behaviour. Quality of shooting For our preliminary task we had to show a When we produce our film we should material appropriate to character opening a door, then the same make sure that our shots are the task set- i.e. the character crossing the room and sitting continuous and smooth to make it content of your film pre down opposite another character. After seem more natural. In addition, we and post editing was this they had to be seen exchanging should also make sure that camera is in consistent with the exam dialogue with each other. We also had to the same place whilst shooting, where directives show our ability at using the following necessary, so that when editing the techniques: footage the camera hasnt moved and - Match on action shot changed the position of the character - 180 degree rule to what it was in the previous shot if it - Shot/reverse shot is meant to be a smooth and We included all of these things in our continuous clip. preliminary task however, our match on action shots were sometimes not as smooth and continuous as we would have liked. For example, when Jemima walks across the room and sits down to where she says her first line of speech, the camera is in a slightly different position and doesnt quite follow on naturally. Quality of selecting mise- In my opinion, we used mise-en-scne When we plan the production of our
  • 2. en-scne including colour, quite well during this task. Leon was film we should come up with a detailed figure, lighting, objects wearing a striped hooded jumper and a list of what props, costumes and and setting; black jacket, which is stereotypically setting we want to use to convey the associated with criminals, which is the message that we are trying to convey. social group that he was representing. We We could also take pictures of the also used props well because we had an location that we are filming in to make EXHIBIT A bag and the wanted poster to sure that it will work well with what we try and replicate what police officers would want. use in a real interview to make it seem more realistic. The lighting was natural as it links in with the fact it was a police interview, as they are not normally held at night and the interview was conducted in small room with a single table and chairs to replicate an interview environment. Also Jemima (the police woman) was wearing smart clothes to show that she was at work. However, the one thing that we could have used to make the interview seem more real is a tape recorder. Quality of editing so that I think that the editing went quite well We should make sure that next time meaning is apparent to the apart from the slight move of character we edit the shots that we have taken viewer positioning at the beginning of the film. that we ask our target audience what You can tell that the two characters are they thought of the film and what they exchanging dialogue and are in an thought it was about, as a way of interview situation because the reaction checking that the meaning is made shots show that the two characters are clear and is apparent to the viewer. engaged conversation, with only one We should also use editing techniques character asking the questions and the (e.g. reaction shots to show that other answering them and therefore, the characters are conversing with each meaning is apparent to the viewer. other or fast pace editing to show that there is a building of tension to an important to moment) so that the meaning of the shots are made clear to the audience. Quality of using sound For our preliminary task only used diegtic We should decide on what parts of the with images and editing sound as we did not want to distract from film we want to use diegtic and non- appropriately for the task the dialogue on screen. However, near the diegtic sound so that it conveys the set; beginning of the film we were unable to meaning that we want. We also need cut out the sound of a member of the to decide on what type of non-diegtic group saying action because it would music we want e.g. tension building or have meant that the beginning of Jemimas pop/happy music. Moreover, when we line would have been cut off. On the other next film we should make sure we film hand, for the most part of the film the for a few seconds before and after sound matches the images that audience is dialogue has taken place so that we watching onscreen. dont have to cut bits of dialogue out. We should also make sure that before our actors say their lines they should wait a couple of seconds after the director says action. Quality of positioning and In my opinion, for the most part of this When we are storyboarding our film movements of actors preliminary task I think that quality of the we should make sure we think about
  • 3. positioning and the movements of the the positioning of characters and the actors were good. When Jemima walked message that we want them to convey into the room she was in the foreground of by being in certain positions or moving the shot and took up most of the frame to in certain ways. show that she was dominant and in control, which linked in with her being the police officer. In addition, the two characters were sitting across the table from each other, which made it seem like a formal situation because the table was acting as a physical barrier between the two which implied that they werent friends as they were not sitting casually on a sofa etc. This helped to convey the message that it was a formal police interview that was being conducted. Quality of group planning, I think that as a group we planned this task I think that next time we should carry meeting targets, very well. We worked together efficiently on communicating well with each organization which effectively meant that we were able other and make sure that we work to stick to all our deadlines. We planned effectively so that we can stick to all the task well as we came up with a detailed our deadlines. We should also make script and printed one off for every sure that everyone knows exactly what member of the group so that we all knew they are doing at all times. what we were doing. Before filming we also decided who was going to bring what props and what costumes our characters were going to wear so that they could convey particular meanings to the audience. In addition, we decided where we were going to film in advance and booked it to make sure that we would be able to film there. On the day of filming, we had everything we needed and the actors in the group knew their lines so everything ran smoothly, apart from not being able to get the tripod. Group dynamics i.e. how In my opinion, we worked extremely well We should continue to communicate did your group work together. We communicated well and well and work as a team as well as together everyone had defined roles within the making sure everyone has clearly group and knew what they were supposed defined roles, so that they know what to be doing and when. All members of the is expected of them and what they group were where they said they were need to do. We should allow time for going to be and arrived on time on the planning so that we can plan days that we were filming and editing. everything in detail and not end up Throughout the task everybody contribute needing something at the last minute. and our effective planning meant that things ran quite smoothly on the day that we filmed. Other points of evaluation Overall I think that the preliminary task Make sure that we have a tripod and ( e.g. equipment related went quite well. I think our main problem that the camera is fully charged before etc) was that we did not have a tripod and were taking it to film. We should also have unable to keep the camera steady, because an equipment manager in the group
  • 4. of this our preliminary task...