Qriosity (General Quiz) - Prelims With Answers, Silhouettes 2014, AFMC

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Text of Qriosity (General Quiz) - Prelims With Answers, Silhouettes 2014, AFMC

  • Qriosity Prelims With Answers Highest: 19.5 Cut-off: 11.5 QM: Anmol Dhawan Silhouettes 2014
  • Acknowledgements Ashwin Mahesh, for contributing the LVC of the final round Surg Sub Lt Hitesh Kumar Mahato Sir, for giving two great questions Maj Chandrakant Nair Sir (for giving some great ideas about organisation) Wg Cmdr Anurakshat Gupta Sir (for guinea-pigging this quiz) All members of the Sulci & Gyri Quiz Club of AFMC for their support
  • What This Quiz Is About This is not a large and boring quiz about things youve got nothing to do with. Most questions are kind of workable, so think laterally. You would have seen or heard of almost every answer in the quiz, so dont think TOO MUCH!
  • Rules Preliminary round consists of 25 questions. Each question is worth one point. Six teams will qualify to the final round. Starred questions will be used to resolve ties. Last five questions are starred. In case of equal number of starred questions, Sudden Death from first question will be used. The quizmasters decision is FINAL and BINDING.
  • 1 The word __________ derives from the name of a French finance minister who, in 1759, was forced by France's credit crisis during the Seven Years War to impose severe economic demands upon the French people, particularly the wealthy. Because of his austere economies, his name became synonymous with anything done or made with not much grandeur and so gave his name to these outline portraits, which is now an art form in itself. FITB. Hint: Most happening thing right now
  • Silhouette
  • 2 In the following picture is an advertisement of a shampoo product by Park Avenue. What is the unique ingredient in this product they are advertising?
  • Beer!
  • 3 The name of this country links it directly to its original religion, Zoroastrianism. It comes from Persian phrase ____ _______, meaning Guardians of Fire, as fire was sacred to its followers. After the Muslim conquest of Persia, many Persian words lost their original form, as in Arabic there are no letters for pronouncing "G / P / ZH / CH"; and hence, ____ ______" came to be known as __________. Which country?
  • Azerbaijan The word comes from the Persian phrase, Azar Payagan which means Guardians of Fire. Since Arabic does not inlcude the phonetic sounds for P / G, Azar Payagan in Arabic became Azar bayajan.
  • 4 NIMBY (an acronym for a particular phrase) is a characterization of opposition by residents of a particular area to a proposal for a new development because it is close to them, often with the connotation that such residents believe that the developments are needed in society but should be further away. Expand NIMBY.
  • Not In My Back Yard
  • 5 The use of this word/phrase X was first reported in 1919 by the British admiral Lord Fisher, in a letter to then Prime Minister Winston Churchill. A small excerpt from the letter says, I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis X! Shower it on the admiralty! ID X.
  • First use of OMG for Oh My God!
  • 6 Connect: 1936: Wallis Simpson (USA) 1937: Soong May-Ling (China) 1952: Queen Elizabeth II (UK) 1975: American women (USA) 1986: Corazon C. Aquino (Philippines)
  • The only TIME Woman-of-the-Year ladies TIME Magazine came out with Man of the Year, every year, until 1999, when they changed it to Person of the Year to make it more gender-neutral. These were the only 5 instances when they shifted from Man of the Year to Woman of the Year.
  • 7 Give me their last names.
  • Lennon & Harrison Sean Lennon & Dhani Harrison (sons of John Lennon & George Harrison
  • 8 This three word phrase that we are all familiar with, originally described the movement of a ship on the ocean, and was also used in the early twentieth century both to describe the spiritual fervour of black church rituals and as a sexual analogy. ID this phrase that we now associate with something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the above mentioned things. (Think music)
  • Rock and Roll
  • 9 Nigambodh Kashmiri Mori Kabuli Lahori Ajmeri Turkman Dilli List of what? (Non-exhaustive selection of an exhaustive list)
  • Gates of the Walled City of Delhi
  • 10 What is the subject of this graphical article?
  • 10
  • Things missing at the Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014
  • 11 ID the Google doodle (for Google UK only) to mark the 255th anniversary of which establishment in London?
  • The British Museum, London
  • 12 ______ are said to have originated at a restaurant called the Victory Club, in a small Mexican town. In 1943, the wives of a few U.S. soldiers stationed nearby arrived at the restaurant after it had already closed for the day. The waiter Ignacio _____ Anaya, invented a new snack for them with what little he had available in the kitchen. When asked what the dish was called, he answered, _____'s especiales. As word of the dish travelled, the apostrophe was lost, and _____s specials became Special ______. FITB.
  • Nachos
  • 13 This popular TV show often tweaks its opening sequence based on the cultural theme of the episode. In one particular episode, it featured the names of all actors in its opening theme in Hindi owing to the large number of Indian actors in that one episode. However, they got their Hindi spellings wrong (probably by using Google Transliteration on a browser that does not support Indic fonts) and were criticised for that and for unreal pronunciation. ID the TV show. Clip on next slide.
  • Psych
  • 14 Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor is a New Zealand singer-songwriter. She adopted her stage name due to her fascination with royals and aristocracy, but felt the name ____ was too masculine, so she added an 'e' to make it more feminine. ID the popular singer. Very solid clue given in the question.
  • Lorde
  • 15 Identify the logo of this newly-started service.
  • Mumbai Monorail
  • 16 According to some, it was a girl called Neeru Deshpande; some claim it was Gunjan Gundaniya, and Mayank Shah, group product manager at a particular company claims that it is actually just an illustration by an Everest creative back in the 60s. Youve probably never heard of the above names, but youve definitely seen this girl. Where?
  • The girl on Parle-G biscuits!
  • 17 This English word comes from the Sanskrit word palanga meaning bed and has a similar sounding equivalent in Hindi. The Latin word phalanga and Spanish palanca are of a similar etymology. What is this word, also a form of transport?
  • Palanquin
  • 18 Before 1930s, designer logos were confined to the inside and non-visible parts of shirts. Ren _______, a professional tennis player, invented the worlds first logo shirt. Known for his on-court tenacity, he added a symbol (which happened to be his nickname) to his clothes in the 1930s the first time a designer logo is known to have appeared on the outside of a shirt. ID the brand.
  • Lacoste Rene Lacoste was a professional tennis player. He was known as Le Crocodile for his tenacity on court, so made a crocodile logo on his Tshirt. Later when he started his own apparel company, the crocodile became a standard feature.
  • 19 X was a businessman said to have died of sepsis when an infection in his toe f