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  1. 1. Startup Pitch
  2. 2. Developing socially responsible games
  3. 3. Talking points Who are we? Mission Our games Interrogation Market The team Funding
  4. 4. Who are we? Critique Gaming is a small game development studio, currently stationed in Bucharest. We are a team of five which is now trying to move on from amateur to professional independent game development.
  5. 5. Mission We are dedicated towards building pointful games that explore important contemporary questions and that harness the transformative potential of interactive experiences to address real-world issues.
  6. 6. Our games & competitors We focus on building mature, narrative driven games that challenge the perception of their players and explore relevant dilemmas. After testing a few directions, were now looking forward to starting the professional development of our first title, Interrogation. There are very few video game developers that have ever released similar video games. Notable mentions are: Lucas Pope (Papers Please), 11 bit studio (This War of Mine), Red Hook Studios (Darkest Dungeon), Telltale, The Fullbright Studio (Gone Home), Campo Santo (Firewatch), Galactic Cafe (Stanley's Parable).
  7. 7. Interrogation is a narrative game that emulates the atmosphere of dark investigation procedurals. The game is intended to emulate the tropes related to interrogation scenes in pop-culture while also offering some deconstruction. The prototype plays as a questions-based puzzle against a (5 minute) clock in which the player must manage the emotions of suspects and interpret information into discovering details about future terrorist attacks.
  8. 8. Screenshots from our prototype
  9. 9. Screenshots from our prototype
  10. 10. Main game features Complex logical tracking mechanics Deep story with complex social commentary Realistic human interaction representations Smart narrative puzzles Atmospheric noire art and music Hard moral choices (and many more you will only see by playing the game)
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy for Interrogation Pre-launch cult creating social media campaigns that consist of mystery- building releases of narrative content A longer than 6 months period of time of engaging the gaming community and the industry-relevant press The continuous release of the game over an entire year in the form of chapters to allow for interest to build-up A first cheaper chapter aimed at hooking players
  12. 12. Market Our games are aimed at the niche and underdeveloped market of narrative-oriented mature gamers. The sales of the few titles that satisfy this market point towards it being of aproximately 10 million players. average price of similar games 10 USD average amount spent on games anually around 230 USD on PC games (our primary market)
  13. 13. The team Currently, the team is made out of: - Andrei (Dexter) Olaru, who is acting as the leader of the team - David Moscovici, the creative mind behind our games - Marius Petcu, our technical wizz - Dora Marian, the team's visual artist - Drago (Dexi) Stoica, the team's sound designer
  14. 14. Bussiness Model Short term - Commercially release our first game - Use the obtained revenue to fund the production of our next game - Create a loyal fan-base by being one of the first few entries onto our niche market - Expand our production capacity after becoming financially sustainable Long term - Also become publishers of mature video- games - Further expand our production capacity by engaging the local and regional creative community - Partner with NGOs and other social actors in our production and release of socially responsible video-games
  15. 15. Financing We are currently looking to fund the production of our first title, Interrogation, process that we estimate to last around 12 months. We estimate our costs to be: - A minimum of 20,000 USD for paying our staff - Another 5,000 USD in administrative costs - Another 10,000 USD as publishing and marketing costs Amounting to a total of a minimum of 35,000 USD that we are looking for in terms of financing.
  16. 16. Developing socially responsible games (and trying to also make money out of it :D )


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