The Magic Cave

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  • 1. Once upon a time there was a princess. She was beautiful. Her name was Mable. She was the richest in all the land. But one day, her and her father (where she got mainly all of her money from) went broke. She lost the one necklace that her mother had left her when she died.

2. She wanted to go find it, but how? The necklace from her beloved dead mother was on the neck of someone in the village. She starts walking up a hill, she had never noticed the cave up the top. What should she do?Enter the cave. Keep walking. 3. As Mable entered the cave lots of creatures were lurking in the darkness . She looked left and right, she saw dragons and witches but no necklace. She comes to two caves, Does she go through left ? Or go through right ? 4. She took the right cave. A strange animal walked up behind her. She had no idea what it was. It was scary looking. All of a sudden it jumped on her, that was the last minute of Mables life.THE END 5. She took the left cave. After walking through the cave for about 15 minutes, she came across mysterious white figure. It started to come closer. She was scared and didnt know what to do. 6. The angel said I know what you looking, so follow me. Mable looked at her in disbelief. She follow the angle through stick and stones until she met the right cave. Sitting on the rock where the moon was shining was the necklace. The angel pointed and smiled. Mable ran to the rock shocked as ever. She thanked the Angel and started to leave. She returned to her father safely and they lived happily ever after. THE END 7. She decided to go home, she started walking through the forest down to her castle. She was stopped by a man that she had never seen before. What does she do ? Ignore the man ? Start conversation ? 8. Mable ignored the strange man and kept walking, she walked for hours, until finally she had got back to her house. Without her necklace, she sat on her bed and started to cry. Her father walked in smiling , she asked why. someone is at the door for you. He said. She walked to the door, it was the man again. He handed her the necklace and then ran. How did he get her address? How did he get the necklace? Mable didnt care, she was just happy to have her necklace, THE END 9. She said hello back to the man. He smiled, she smiled back. Would you be able to help me find my way back to the castle? Mable asked him yes of course They started to walk. 10. The mans name was Richard. As they walked they got along very well. would you like to go to dinner one time? Richard asked. Does she Accept the offer? Or Reject it? 11. Yes I would, how about tomorrow? Mable said happily. That sounds great. Richard said with a smile. As they continued walking, Richard said oh what's that? He pointed to a necklace on the ground. ITS MY NECKACE Mable shouted with glee. Dinner was great. 2 years later they married, and now they live happily ever after THE END 12. umm, no thank-you. She said. oh, uhh, ok Richard said embarrassed. They kept walking. oh what's that? My Necklace! Mabel Cried, Ive never been so happy. They kept walking. They finally made it home.The both lived Happily Ever After 13. References.School Website fantasy images.Google Images.