The process of the making of my music magazine

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  • 1. The process of the making of mymusic magazineBy Ozge Altinok

2. I used my shot list to guide and remind me of the important conventions that Iused within the magazine. 3. I decided to look for the top Hip-Hop and RnB artists to state on my frontcover. I did this to be safe as the top of the charts are always changing andI did not want my magazine front cover to a mistake on it. 4. I tried out many different colours, fonts and positions to see the best one thatmatches my magazine. 5. The covering andviewing technique onPhotoshop helped meto present and see thedifferent styles on myproduct. 6. I used peer feedback to make some changes in order to improve my product. 7. I showed my nearly finished product (above)to my peers in order for me to gain feedback.My peers thought that the models cheek didnot look flattering; So I decided to blend andcover the models cheek which gave it abetter finish (right) 8. I decided to do a questionnaireto my target audience to seewhat they would like to readabout any artists.This questionnaire gave me anidea on what to write about theartists. I think there is a highchance of my target audiencebuying this magazine as theysuggested what they wouldwant to read about the artistsbut also I revolved my articlearound these suggestions. 9. My double pagespread fist started likethis where I was goingto put two images onthe double pagespread. Then Ishowed some of myaudience the productand asked for somepeer feedback wherethey said that it wouldlook better if therewas only one pictureplaced on the page.