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Things you should know ABOUT WOMEN

Things You Should KNow About Women

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  • Things you should know ABOUT WOMEN
  • The average amount of time a woman can keep a secret is 47hours and 15 minutes. Source: The Telegraph
  • All of the 20 richest women in the world.. Except for #17.. Inherited their money from either husband or their father Source: Forbes
  • The small of newborn babies excites women in the same way an addict craving for drugs enjoy his fix, according to scientist. Source: DailyMail
  • Every 9 seconds, one woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth Newborns foot by Yoann JEZEQUEL Source: Amnesty International
  • Women speak about 20,000 words a day. Thats 13,00 more than the average man. Source: Mail Online
  • The average woman in the UK owns 19 pairs of shoes, but wears only 7. Source: MSN Living
  • Women in ancient Rome wore the sweat of gladiators to improve their beauty and complexion. Source: Wikipedia
  • 40% of births in the U.S. come from unmarried women.
  • An average woman eats about 3.7 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. Source: Futurederm
  • The first computer programmer was a woman. Her name is ADA LOVELACE. Source: ComputerHistory
  • An average women in the UK will own 111 handbags in their lifetime. Source: Dailymail
  • Some women can have a genetic mutation which causes them to see million color. Source: Huffington
  • Womens hearts beat faster than mens Source: Abcnews
  • Women have more taste buds than men. Source: Science Daily
  • Women cry on average between 30 and 64 times a year, while men cry between 6 and 17 times. Source: Wikipedia
  • Women spend nearly a year of their live deciding what to wear. Source: Telegraph
  • Women spend over 4years (in total) of their lives menstruating.
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