Three Family Worship Evening Fun Games

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Three Family Worship Evening Fun Games

Three Family Worship Evening Fun GamesMinistry Ideaz

IntroductionFounded in 2002, Ministry Ideaz is a worldwide supplier of theocratic educational tools and door-to-door ministry folios for Jehovah's Witnesses, among other products. Ministry Ideaz's selection of board games and puzzle books presents Bible stories in a fun, interactive way.

My Big Book of Bible Puzzles features 100 imaginative mazes and word puzzles designed for Jehovah's Witness children, but they can also be fun for adults. Perfect for road trips and Christian gatherings, the book's contents are based on stories and verses from the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures.

Family WorshipHouse2House Board Game is a Scripture-based knowledge game where the goal as one of Jehovah's Witness is to acquire the most placements - brochures, magazines, etc. - by best playing three types of game cards: Scriptural question cards, how-would-you-respond cards, and conversation-stopper cards.

Tag-On Bible Game is Scrabble with a Jehovah's Witnesses twist. Players are required to spell out important or prominent words found in the Bible, and extra points are earned for spelling a word that falls into one of the five special categories: Bible books, Bible characters, Bible utterances, Bible lands, and genealogies of Bible characters.

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