Top 10 Easter Activities for Kids

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Top10 Easter Activities For Kids

Want to know how to keep your kids busy and engaged for the Easter holidays? Here are 10 easy and fun activities you can do with your kids and make their holidays super enjoyable!

1. ORGANIZE AN EASTER EGG HUNTThis fun activity is enjoyable for any age. Don't forget to keep some treats hidden in the eggs to make it all the more exciting.

2. MAKE EASTER CARDSImage bytachi.via FlickrLet their creativity flow. Help your child design, draw and color Easter bunnies and pictures and paste them on the cards.

3.MAKE CARDBOARD EASTER CHICKSImage byamyvia Flickr This is a super easy craft idea you can do with kiddos.

4. EASTER INSPIRED PHOTO CARDS Let your kids take photos of Easter decorations and then create photo cards using those images. Give these to your friends and family. They will surely love them!

5. MAKE EASTER BUNNY What is Easter without an Easter Bunny? Create cute Easter Bunnies and place them around the house!

6. MAKE EASTER TEACUPS If you have last years left over Easter cups, you can improvise them and make teacups.

7. MAKE CHICKS IN A ROW Help the kids make Chick in a row and add that to your Easter decorations!

8.MAKE ANEASTER TREE This is a fun activity for the whole family. If your kids love decorating Christmas tree, they will definitely enjoy doing this!

Image byAlphavia Flickr9. MAKE AN EASTER BUNNY MASKYou can help your child make an Easter bunny mask and I am sure she will love it!

10.MAKE EGG FEATHER BOWLThis isanother interesting activity that your kids would enjoy. And it is easy too, just needs a bit of guidance from you.

Image bynancy waldmanvia Flickr

We hope you will try these fun activities with your children. Do plan the activities well in advance and have things ready before you get started.For detailed instructions,you can read our blog post:Fun Easter Activities For The Kids

Have Wonderful Easter Holidays!



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