Top 5 Things To Do In Austin, TX!

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<ol><li> 1. , D .Explore the vintage Go to Lady Bird Thlngs to Do shops and boutiques Lake to run,kayak, 2NgYou, re on South Congress!or paddleboardl/ %// /E/ I/zeet I inAustin' 4 Budq Qird% ake %JR Q _ 5 f G0 to Ragney.sgeet.If you're a BBQ won't want or_ an ut ent'c_ ustm to mlss eating at Franklin's BBO.It's mghtllfe eXP9enCe- known as the best In Amerlcal3 ,Eating Tex-Mex is a MUST!Afew of the local favorites are Polvos.Manuels,Iron Cactus,andBaby Acapulco.</li></ol>