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Transmedia storytelling

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This is my 2012 NJLA Adult Services Forum presentation on transmedia storytelling, a form of narrative model that uses multiple mediums to convey a single narrative or story universe.

Text of Transmedia storytelling

  • 1.Transmedia Storytelling Using Multiple Platforms to an Tell Engaging and Interactive NarrativeDoug Baldwin2012 NJLA Adult Services Forum

2. While we wait for the show to begin ..Take this Lollipop ORLost in the EchoOr ... BOTH?? 3. By the end of this story... What is transmedia storytelling Categories / types / approaches Examples Engagement and Impact Resources and Tools 4. Feel free to follow along ... share using #asf12 5. and New Media 6. 7. 8. Transmedia storytelling"Transmedia storytelling represents a processwhere integral elements of a fiction getdispersed systematically across multipledelivery channels for the purpose of creatinga unified and coordinated entertainmentexperience"Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture (2003) 9. The Breakdown Integral elements of fiction Systematically dispersed across multipledelivery channels Creating a unified and coordinatedexperience 10. Transmedia Storytelling : A Primer 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. We are a "literacy skills brand" 21. 22. 23. It cant all be good can it?Why not mainstream:Complex to enter ("embedded entry")Complex to understandPassive consumption is still "a thing"How far are we willing to move for anexperience? Costs to produce (vary) Time to produce (lots and lots and lots and.. 24. Are You Experienced? ARGNet Story Forward (podcast) UnFiction (online forum) 4th Wall Studios 42 Entertainment Convergence Culture (Harold Jenkins, 2003)Reality is Broken (Jane McGonical, 2011) 25. Lets Build Something Together Social Samba Storify Wanderlust Stories A Creators Guide to Transmedia Storytelling (Andrea Philips, 2012) 26. Oh So Tasty : A Zombie Moms Story 27. THE END...Doug [email protected] - @baldwind1976

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