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  • 1.The BeatlesTop: John Lennon, Paul McCartneyBottom: George Harrison, Ringo StarrOrigin: Liverpool, EnglandGenres: Rock, pop, rock and rollYears active: 19601970

2. John Winston Lennon(9 October 1940 8 December 1980) was anEnglish musician and singer-songwriter whorose to worldwide fame as one of thefounding members of The Beatles, one ofthe most commercially successful andcritically acclaimed acts in the history ofpopular music. With Paul McCartney, heformed one of the most celebratedsongwriting partnerships of the 20thcentury. At around 10:50 pm on 8December 1980, as Lennon and Ono(wife)returned to their New York apartmentin The Dakota, Mark David Chapman shotLennon in the back four times at theentrance to the building. Lennon was takento the emergency room of the nearbyHospital but doctors couldnt save him.Earlier that evening, Lennon hadautographed a copy of Double Fantasy forChapman. Chapman pleaded guilty tosecond-degree murder and was sentencedto 20 years to life; as of 2011, he remains inprison, having been denied parole six times. 3. Sir James Paul McCartney(born 18 June 1942) is an English musician,singer-songwriter and composer. Formerly ofThe Beatles (19601970) and Wings (19711981), McCartney is listed in Guinness WorldRecords as the "most successful musician andcomposer in popular music history", with 60gold discs and sales of 100 million singles inthe United Kingdom alone. BBC News Onlinereaders named McCartney the "greatestcomposer of the millennium". According tothe BBC, his Beatles song "Yesterday" hasbeen covered by over 2,200 artists morethan any other song in the history ofrecorded music. Since its 1965 release it hasbeen played more than 7,000,000 times onAmerican television and radio. McCartneysrecords:-in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 21 April 1990 heplayed for the largest stadium audience inhistory when 184,000 people paid to see himperform;- In Sydney in 1993 had been sold 20 000tickets for his perform for 8 mn. 4. George Harrisonwas an English musician, guitarist, singer-songwriter, actor and film producer whoachieved international fame as leadguitarist of The Beatles.Harrisons first official honour came asThe Beatles were appointed Members ofthe Order of the British Empire (MBE) in1965 and received their insignia from theQueen at an investiture at BuckinghamPalace on 26 October. Harrison wasinducted into the Rock and Roll Hall ofFame as a solo artist on 15 March 2004 byhis Traveling Wilburys friends Lynne andPetty.Despite the treatments and operations,Harrison died on 29 November 2001, at aHollywood Hills mansion that was onceleased by McCartney and was previouslyowned by Courtney Love. 5. Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)is an English musician and actor who gainedworldwide fame as the drummer for theBeatles. When the band formed in 1960,Starr was a member of another Liverpoolband, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. Hebecame the Beatles drummer in August1962, taking the place of Pete Best.In the Queens Birthday Honours of 12 June1965, Starr and the three other Beatles wereappointed Members of the Order of theBritish Empire (MBE); they received theirinsignia from Queen Elizabeth II at aninvestiture at Buckingham Palace on 26October.All four of the Beatles were elected to theRock and Roll Hall of Fame when the groupwas inducted in 1988. 6. Yesterdayis a song originally recorded byThe Beatles for their 1965 albumHelp!. The song remains populartoday with more than 1,600cover versions, one of the mostcovered songs in the history ofrecorded music. In 1997, thesong was inducted into theGrammy Hall of Fame. BroadcastMusic Incorporated (BMI)asserts that it was performedover seven million times in the20th century alone.According to biographers ofMcCartney and the Beatles,McCartney composed the entiremelody in a dream one night inhis room at the Wimpole Streethome of his then girlfriend JaneAsher and her family. Uponwaking, he hurried to a pianoand played the tune to avoidforgetting it. 7. Twist and Shout is a song written by Phil Medleyand Bert Russell. It was originallytitled "Shake It Up, Baby" andrecorded by the Top Notes and thencovered by The Isley Brothers. Itwas covered by The Beatles withJohn Lennon on the lead vocals andoriginally released on their firstalbum Please Please Me.The song was covered by TheMamas & the Papas (in the style ofa ballad) in 1967 on their albumDeliver, and on a film soundtrack byCliff Richard. It was also covered byThe Tremeloes. Most recentlyChaka Demus and Pliers (featuringJack Radics and Taxi Gang) reachedNo. 1 on the UK charts with theirversion in January 1994. The Whoperformed it throughout theircareer, most notably on Live at theIsle of Wight Festival 1970 and1982s Whos Last. 8. Let It Beis a 1970 documentary film about TheBeatles rehearsing and recording songs forthe album Let It Be in January 1969. The filmfeatures an unannounced rooftop concertby the group, their last performance inpublic. Released just after the album, it wasthe final original Beatles release.The world premiere of the film was in NewYork City on 13 May 1970. One week later,UK premieres were held at the LiverpoolGaumont Cinema and the London Pavilion.None of The Beatles attended any of thepremieres. The Beatles won an Oscar for LetIt Be in the category "Original Song Score",which Quincy Jones accepted on theirbehalf. The soundtrack also won a Grammyfor "Best Original Score".