Unique things to do in london on your next visit

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Unique Things To Do In London On Your Next VisitLondon is one of the biggest cities in Europe, and as such, it offers numerous exciting and fun things to do. However, because of the overabundance of possible activities, it is hard to pick the truly unique ones which will show you the most of Londons lifestyle. Here are some fun and unconventional tourist destinations.

The London Aquarium

If you are interested in seeing many different varieties of fish and sea life, the London aquarium is for you. There, you can see exotic fish such as sharks, piranhas, stingrays and many others. Furthermore, rather than just sitting there and staring at the sea creatures through a glass panel, you can take one of the available floating platform walks. For example, taking a stroll over the Shark Walk will let you experience the feeling of having a living shark several inches of glass underneath you. Also, in the aquarium, you can visit the Rainforests of the World that is filled with exotic vegetation, tropical scenery and foreign wildlife.

Pub Crawl

For those who dont know, a pub crawl involves touring several pubs and having drinks in each one. Because London has so many good pubs, it offers all tourists the opportunity to go on the most memorable London pub crawl where they can experience a big part of the local culture. There are many organized crawls you can choose from, and if you do that in time, you can find one that is quite cheap, and yet, very fun. However, students benefit most from what London has to offer. As a student, you can party all night long with cheap drinks and live music. Student nights in London are never dull because of the many amazing people you can meet. Therefore, foreigners should not be discouraged even if they dont know anyone- people are friendly and ready for a good party.

Monument Scaling

The Monument was built by Sir Christopher Wren in 1667 after the Great Fire of London to show that the city will rise again. Indeed, the monument, which is 61 metres high, offers the opportunity to look at the amazing London landscape. However, here is the catch- there is no lift. You have to go up the 311 spiral steps to the top, however, there is no place to pause or rest. At least when you reach the top, you will receive a certificate that you can show off. The climb and the scenery offer a unique experience that you wont forget.

Jasons Trip

This trip is on a boat that is more than 100 years old, and it takes you through a route that is very picturesque and relaxing. You will start from Little Venice and make your way to Camden. On the way, you will be told about the history of London, the way people lived before and some interesting facts about how the canals shaped Londons history. The trip, which has existed since 1951, will last for 45 minutes.

All of the above are just some of the unique things you can do in London. So, keep an open mind and you will have the most amazing time in you can imagine.