West ridge academy discusses the importance of diet to your child’s development

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If your child has a weight problem, it's time to help. West Ridge Academy experts not only cover what to do but how to do it.


  • 1. West Ridge Academy Discusses The Importance Of Diet ToYour Childs DevelopmentFor the longest time, the internet has been awash with all these different diets that claim to bethe right way towards a healthier lifestyle. Some have been credited as nothing short of amiracle, with dime-a-dozen testimonies, while so-called experts, who may or may not havevested interests in other diets that they are endorsing, have labeled and called some as flat outfarce.So which is the way to go? And are these diets also appropriate for your child? As a matter offact, most of these diets were actually designed for the figure-conscious adults. Because of thefact that children are usually more active than adults and that their bodies are still developing, itfollows that your child will also need all the nourishment that he can get.According to West Ridge Academy, following are some important things to remember whenyou think of a proper diet for your child.Proper eating habits need to be developed. This means that if you start them early towardseating the right food groups it is conceivable that they will develop a permanent taste for thesefoods even as they become adults. Just be sure to take note of any possible allergies that yourchild may have though. Once you observed that your child is having some kind of reaction orirritation towards a certain food, its important that you must stop giving that food to him rightaway and consult your doctor immediately for appropriate advice.Having the right diet is vital for growth. Children require vast amounts of the correct nutrients,vitamins and minerals to help them grow and develop to their maximum potential. An estimated96% of all children worldwide are reportedly not getting enough of the right kind of foods andnutrients recommended by the Food Pyramid, as recent studies would show. They must begiven food that are rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which are all vital forgrowth and development of teeth and bones. Health-related issues such as brittle bones andvarious dental problems may develop later on in life if children are not given the right amount ofthe foods mentioned above.The correlation between good nutrition and brain development. West Ridge Academy statesthat it was found out from recent studies that there is a direct correlation between propernutrition and kids high scores in exams. Properly-nourished kids registered higher exam scoresthan their counterparts who were not given the right amount of nourishment. Furthermore,results also showed that nutrition plays a part in the aggressiveness of children at school andtheir attention in classes.According to West Ridge Academy it is important that all the major food groups should berepresented in childrens dietary plans so as to equip them with the necessary energy to sustaintheir daily nutritional needs and physical activities. Among these are carbohydrates from suchsources as bread and cereals, protein from fish or meat products, and vitamins and mineralstaken from fruits and vegetables.