West Ridge Academy Outlines Some Lessons Derived From The Code Of The West

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The top 3 things you can do to help your kids when have a drinking problem. Taking actions is the most important thing when it comes to your kids future, if you ask West Ridge Academy professionals.


  • 1. Learn from the Code of the WestKen AllenExecutive DirectorBut remember this: Every man who signs on for the drive agrees to finish it. Therell be noquitting along the waynot by me, not by you.When Im not at West Ridge Academy, you can often find me playing cowboy at my ranch. Anumber of years ago, in what was the result of a midlife crisis or a moment of weakness, Ipurchased a working cattle ranch. With that decision came unbelievable headaches: brokenwheel lines, bulls getting into my neighbors fields, calving at 3 a.m. in -10 degree weather,mending fences, broken hydraulic lines on my tractor, numerous flat tires, picking up rocks, andthen picking up more rocks. Despite all of the challenges, there have been some great rewards.One of those rewards is the opportunity to work with a number of true cowboys. These guys arethe real dealboots, hats, scarves, and mustaches. But it isnt their attire that has impressedme most. Its their character, their work ethic, and the code by which they conduct themselves.In a book by James Owen, he calls this unwritten law The Code of the West.It is this law or code that makes cowboys stand out as a symbol of American culture and values.It is a tradition of hard work, resourcefulness, and perseverance. It is a life where a handshakeis the law and where helping others takes priority over your own needs. It is a belief that isfinishing what we have started is matched in importance only by making sure we help thosearound us finish what they have started. At West Ridge Academy, we focus on instilling theseideals in our students and in ourselves.A few years ago, we had a young man come to us who was heavily into drugs and alcohol. Hewas failing school and had become very angry toward society. His parents told us there was noreason they knew of that would bring this change. They had tried everything they could think ofto help their son, but everything they did only seem to make things worse. Our therapist whowas working with them listened very carefully to everything the boy and parents were sayinguntil he realized what had happened. Finally, in a one-on-one session with the young man ourtherapist told him he knew he had been molested and that he was going to help him workthrough his pain.The therapist immediately called his parents and told them to come in quicklythat they hadsome urgent things to discuss. They came within a half hour of the call and sat with their son inthe therapists office. As he told them what had transpired, they lovingly put their arms aroundhim. Very few words were spoken during the next 30 minutes but much was said. The love andcompassion expressed in that small office spoke volumes to this young man. He knew that hewas loved and safe, and that he was no longer alone in his suffering.The next two years were not easy for this family. Although the perpetrator was sentenced to 40years in prison for his crime, the young man and his family had a lot to work through. Thankfully,having found what was troubling their son, the family looked forward to a much brighter future.They were able to help their son end the good he had started before his life had been derailed.The Code of the West is a code that each of us can learn and apply to our lives today. Wemight not have to tend to a newborn calf at 3 a.m. on a cold winter night, but living a meaningfullife requires a lot of hard work and courage. Maintaining a code or set of standards in our

2. families and daily activities requires loyalty and follow-through.As you read and ponder The Code of the West, I hope you might consider how to implementthese principles in your own lives. We do this every day at West Ridge Academy.So, saddle up partner its time to cowboy up!1. Live each day with courage2. Take pride in your work3. Always finish what you start4. Do what has to be done5. Be tough, but fair6. When you make a promise, keep it7. Ride for the brand8. Talk less and say more9. Remember that some things arent for sale10. Know where to draw the line