West ridge academy's recommendations on how to rescue alcoholic teens

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The top 3 things you can do to help your kids when have a drinking problem. Taking actions is the most important thing when it comes to your kids future, if you ask West Ridge Academy professionals.


  • 1. West Ridge Academys Recommendations On How ToRescue Alcoholic TeensStories are always passed around about sad things that happen to people who drink too much.It may only be as comical as a minor celebrity appearing totally wasted in front of all the media,or as heartbreaking as a gifted athlete suddenly losing the chance to play for a living as he is leftparalyzed after having a momentary lapse of judgement and decided to drive his motorcyclewhile under the influence.As sad as these incidents may be, perhaps you couldnt really empathize with the loved oneswho were affected or left behind by those who were involved in them as you believe that thesecould not possibly happen to you since you have such an adorable and well-behaved child inthe first place.According to West Ridge Academy, the above given examples may be extreme but theyhappen all the time to people whether young or old, men or women, celebrity or not, or justabout anybody in between.You might be surprised to know that so many teenagers actually manage to drink without theknowledge of their parents, and how would you like it if you suddenly came to know that yourteen was actually one of these?Below are some tips provided by West Ridge Academy which may be useful for you in case youcome face-to-face with such a scenario: Once this problem has been brought to your attention itis important that you must acknowledge this and not be scared, angry or deny that its nothappening.Its also crucial that you do not force the issue with your teen while hes still under the spirit. Waituntil you are no longer in a hyper state and your teen is sober. This way you will have a muchmore conducive scenario wherein you are both stable, and not either fuming mad or groggydrunk. But you must discuss the problem within 24 hours after finding out in order to put a senseof urgency on the matter.Set concrete rules and consequences for drinking. He should be reprimanded every time thathes caught drinking, which includes this one. There should also be a graduation of punishmentlevels, meaning the degree of punishment should also increase for every infraction, e.g. if youlet him do the chores for one month on the 1st offense then he should be doing the chores fortwo months on his 2nd offense, etc.Inform your teen that he will be closely monitored from now on. Some additional measurescould be the imposition of curfews, frequent check-ins, or having his car installed with a GPSmonitoring system until such time that he can regain his once lofty standing in your perception.If you find out that his drinking problem is actually worse than initially anticipated, encouragehim to open up and seek additional help if necessary such as going to a minor in consumptionclass or seeking council from your church pastor. Show him the support that he needsthroughout this ordeal and let him know that you love him and that these interventions need tobe done for his own good before its too late.Finally, West Ridge Academy states that you should make it a point to follow through on all the

2. actions that you have discussed. This will reinforce to him that you are not kidding and that thisis a serious matter for which you will carry out everything that you say. Look at this as a test inyour relationship that you must hurdle, for which you will have the opportunity to forge an evenstronger bond if you somehow manage to successfully pull through.