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1. When I Fell, by American Novelist Sandra Kolankiewicz Released on Web-e- Books An 80 Year OldFacing Critical Surgery AppraisesHer Vacant Life Marietta, OHIO, USA When I Fell, first edition fiction by novelistSandraKolankiewicz, isbeingreleasedon Web-e- Books in support of world-wide, cross-platform distributionof herfullyillustrated,socially relevant novel about the continued, negative impact of deep-seated social conventions on women and other minorities. The Tri-ScreenConnection, LLC, publisher and distributor of the exclusive e-book, is providing the technology platform and online shopping website for When I Fell. In When I Fell, author Sandra Kolankiewicz exposes the bitternessof anelderlywomanwhoseentire adultlife has beenmuzzled by bad timing, personal tragedies, and the bracketed rules of social conformity. Evie Roberts, an heiressof wealthandafigure of social propriety,becomes incapacitated as the result of an accidental fall that shatters her pelvis. Helpless and bedridden by injury, she submits to the unfamiliarhandsof care amongthe highlydiverse,clinical personnel of a modern hospital. Unable to move, flat on her back, altogether vulnerable to an organization she does not trust, she is passive against the power of morphine injections routinely administered to relieve insufferable pain. Side-effects alternate between amusing hallucinations and uncontrolled revelations of her private, hidden life. Unexpectedly, a quirky and clairvoyant attending nurse directs Evies flashbacks by introducinghertoself-inducedmindtravel,asuggestedavenue forexperiencingrealisticrecreations of, and resolutions to, long unanswered memories. In a strange transcendental state, Evie recalls her happy, emancipated youth; a wonderfully liberated phase stymied in adulthood by unbending social conventions, sequences of bad timing, and incidents of deep, personal loss. Sliding between dream states and the limited reality of her hospital room, she pieces together a troubling picture of failed womanhood, and learns how far she has fallen from herself. Web-e-Books Availability When I Fell is viewableinlicensedWeb-e-Books formatavailable fromThe Tri-ScreenConnectionandis compatible withvirtuallyall Internet browser-capable desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, mobile smart phone,orsimilarlyequippeddevice runningApple,Windows,Android,andLinux operatingsystems. 2. http://www.web-e-books.com/index.php#load?type=book&product=fell Priced at US $4.95 read on-line or offline, no download or installation required. About The Tri-Screen Connection The Tri-Screen Connectionrepresents a launch pad for broad adoption of new-media communications services, including digital content and publishing. Our publishing strategy is to satisfy the market for exclusive contemporary and select classic literature of excellence that provides reflective insight to a wide range of human experiences. Excerpt: WHEN I FELL Mia standsand walksto adjusta knob on the wall near the head of my bed, lowering the room lightsuntil onlythose recessedinthe ceiling at the edges are dimly lit, toning down the outside world, setting the atmosphere. From where I lie, her face has dark hollows and her eyes deep-set circles. I am again aware of how strange she looks. Look, Mia says.Start easy.Start witha place where youfeel youveleftapiece of yoursoul.If you go too deep without practice, youll hurt yourself. I flood with anxiety. Shes talking as if I know what she means by a place where youve left a piece of your soul. I think but dont say, If I knew how to do this, lady, I wouldnt have to ask you! That I needherannoysme.While Ipretended to be dependent on Martin during our marriage, inmy entire life Ineededonly my children and Jimmy. The loss of everything else, I could survive, and have. Please, I implore, the word more than a polite one used in a civilized world, as part of my social toilettraining.Isay please as if Mia knows how to open a door of my life locked years ago, the key melted and recast to fit another room. You said I could go anywhere I want. What did you mean? Why are you teasing me? Her expression is serious as she climbs into the chair beside my bed. Im not being cruel, she says, crossing her legs at the ankle, her feet not touching the floor. You can go anywhere inyourmindbecause yourmindisall energy.There are meditational techniques that will allowyoutovisit placesinthe present,revisityourpast,andif youre really brave, see into the future. She says this so seriously, so matter-of-factly, that I believe her. Through meditation, you may visit the upper world, the middle world, and the underworld, Mia continues, and with a flattened hand deliberately marks the levels in the air from top to bottom with slow karate chops. She shrugs and adds, Some people call them the Attic, Living Room, and Basement. I feel mybodymelting,thatwhatImbeingtoldis right,makessense,andmightvery well allow me to understand where Ive been, where I am, and where Im going. But how? I gasp, my voice hoarse, desperate. Slowly, Mia says, lowering her hand to rest on a knee. Traveling is a learned skill. Once you become practicedatit, youll move instantaneouslytoyourchoice of places,evenunfamiliarplaces,any place inthe world,past,presentandfuture,andyouwontnecessarily need the lights lowered, either, 3. which is more a matter of personal preference than anything. With an exaggerated wink, she adds, The best even go into what might have been, and pretends to shudder at the thought. Clutching the bed sheet to my chest like a sinner who wants to believe, gazing at her with childlike wonderment, I ask, But how is it possible? Thanks for reading the Excerpt. Web-e-Books Availability When I Fell isviewable inlicensedWeb-e-Books formatavailable from The Tri-Screen Connection and iscompatible withvirtuallyall Internetbrowser-capabledesktop,laptop,tablet,e-reader, mobile smart phone,orsimilarlyequippeddevice runningApple,Windows,Android,andLinux operatingsystems. You can purchase the e-book at: www.web-e-books.com http://www.web-e-books.com/index.php#load?type=book&product=fell Priced at US $4.95 read on-line or offline, no download or installation required.