X-Elerated WoW Guide Fast Leveling

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1. X-elerated WarCraft Lvling Guide remains the perfect choice for the World of Warcraft playersthanks to its intuitive and 100% automated in-game system. X Elerated WarCraft Leveling Guide isavailable to all WarCraft players.For a long time;generic WoW lvling guides available for WoW provides only vague information; maps;screenshots a compilation of information which leads to a confusion for the wow player.This time with the latest version of X-Elerated WarCraft lvling guide , get ready to go up lvls in arecord time (approximately 5 days to reach level 85) thanks to the technology, developed to spareyou any possible difficulty.The X-Elerated WarCraft leveling guide is the only perfect guide that is consistent with thepolicy of Blizzard Addons. DETECTION OF QUESTS STEPS:X-Elerated WoW Guide is provided with warcraft X-Elerated Detection System. This technologyhas been improved with version 3.1 of thex-elerated guide and increases system intelligence withrecognition of your progression in the quests you are doing.Whether u are a mage or hunter; warrior or rogue, no matter your class. this guide works;All questsclasses are incorporated into the Add on. X ELERATED TALENT ADVISOR:Exclusif : The WarCraft guide will automatically detect your lvl & tells you EXACTLY Where YouShould Spend;Your new talent points to get the most out of your characters through the lvls. With a push of a buttonthe x-elerated system automatically distributes the points where they should go to optimize yourcharacter! IN-GAME DIRECTIONAL ARROW: 2. It tells you exactly where to go & adjust itself when you move. The arrow changes color from red (whenyou are away from your targets) to green when u arrive at your destination. You dont need totomtom or another addons.Whether you are a mage, hunter, warrior or rogue, no matter your class; this warcraft guide works. Allquests classes are incorporated into the elerated AddonCompatible with Win XP, Vista, Win7 Macintosh OSX, Linux and installs in a few clicks, alsowhenever an update is available, you will be prompted automatically to install it via the program. FOUR ADDITIONAL GUIDES 100% FREE :X-Elerated In-Game Daily QuestGuides,X-Elerated Profession Guides,X-Elerated In-Game Talent Guides andX-Elerated Mount Guides.WoW X-Elerated Fast Leveling Guide