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1. I. Project Overview The following treatment was created for Yelawolf's track Stage Lights- Remix/Stage Lights. The original track is featured on The Arena Rap EP and the remix is featured on DJ Burn One presents Yelawolf: Trunk Muzik. The track was produced by Kawan KP Prather and Malay. We chose to write a treatment for this track in particular for several reasons : 1. Production Quality/Lyrical Content : The Song is an amazingly well- produced track with deep pounding drums, a hauntingly catchy hook, and two blistering verses by Yelawolf. 2. History : One year ago we created a fan video for the original track. It was a way for us to connect with a rising star as well as share our vision and creativity with Ghett-o-Vision/Redd Klay. We've since evolved as directors and it seems fitting to show our growth by working on a track we already have a deep connection to. 3. Low Budget Production : We're scheduling the shoot around a Yelawolf performance in Birmingham,AL. At the Bottletree Cafe on March 4th . The Bottletree is a world renowned venue and will make for an amazing (free) location to shoot without the need for permits. We will have plenty of looks within this one location. The members of our crew are all familiar with the venue and it's management and they've given us permission to proceed with the shoot. Basically, we can use our resources locally to maximize the value of the production without increasing cost. 4. Original/Unique Video Treatment : The concept and subject matter deal with an immensely important element in hip hop...the live performance. Yelawolf is a truly captivating live performer and we've developed a treatment that will effectively capture this energy and relay it to the public. We will give viewers a unique perspective of the live performance and all it's elements. 5. Opportunity : Everyone involved with this production feels that Yelawolf has what it takes to make it BIG in this industry....We're all very passionate about hip hop music and we recognize the power it has to transform society. Alabama has needed a proper representative for the movement, and we believe Yelawolf will be just that. We want to work with him on future projects. 2. Executive Producer : ????? Produced By : Marcus Turner and Jdot Jones Directors : Marcus Turner, Lee Jeffrey , Kenny Luk Director of Photography : Joshua Shoemaker Lighting : Sami Serrag and Lucien Knight Cameras : Canon 5D MKII , 2 Panasonic HVX, Canon HV10 Camera Operator : Kenny Luk/Joshua Shoemaker Location : The Bottletree Cafe, 3719 3rd Ave. South , Birmingham, AL. Date : March 4th , 2010 3. Stage Lights Video Treatment Contact : Marcus Turner 205-533-3472 2700 Caldwell Ave. Apt. D Birmingham,Al. 35205 4. II. Video Treatment : Our Goal is to capture the TRUE essence of a Yelawolf live performance. We will artisically capture every element of putting on a show... from the pre-show promotions (flyers/posters on cars/walls), lines outside the venue, ticket handler, sound/lighting booths, load-in, set-up, bartenders serving drinks, people congregating, the venue, backstage, and of course the live performance itself. The basic premise is to make the viewer feel like they have experienced a behind scenes look into putting on a Yelawolf show. The video will have the look and feel of a documentary. Introduction : Verse 1 We will use split screen shots throughout to give the viewer the impression of being in several places at once. The beginning of the video will have a shot of the Green room door...A Yelawolf Logo will be fixed to the door (ex... a Star on a dressing room door) The door is opened by a by an un-recognizable figure and the shot will then switch to inside the Green Room. Shots of yelawolf and the group preparing to go onstage (putting on shoes, looking in the mirror, beating on a drum pad,etc..).the purpose is to capture the group in their preparation for the performance. These shots will be intertwined with B-roll footage of the venue and the concert-goers as well as Yelawolf performing the verse in several different situations within the green room. Towards the end of the verse, Yelawolf and the group members will move from the green room to the backstage area. Hook 1 : B-Roll of the backstage area will consist of live still shots of items on the rider (beer,whiskey, sandwich trays, etc..) People with backstage laminates mingling, mock interviews with the press, promoter, stage manager, etc...Yelawolf and others will mingle in the Backstage area with others this footage and will be intertwined with shots of the opening bands/groups as a split screen to maintain the viewers illusion of seeing everything happening in real-time. Verse 2 : Yelawolf will perform his verses in (3) seperate locations for editing purposes. B-Roll will include shots of Security watching the backstage entrance, The venue filling up, concert-goers waiting with nervous anticipation, drinks being served, Crowd shots, Girls being let into the backstage area....Stage manager updating the group of their performance times, etc...(See B-Roll List) (Continued on next page) 5. Hook 2 : Footage : Group waiting with nervous anticipation, preparing to go onstage, reviewing setlist, opening acts coming in from on-stage , people Backstage wishing them a good show, Stage manager telling the group 1 min....Building up to a crescendo : Finale : The track will change from the Remix version to the original version of the song. I feel that the intensity of the original version will better capture the energy of a live performance. We hope to secure use of a lighting rig capable of an impressive light show. As the original track comes in...The camera will follow Yelawolf onstage. As the intensity builds we will edit back and forth from the onstage energy of the performance to the crowd reaction and lighting. The whole point is make the show look extremely intense. The video will end the group or Yelawolf at the front of the stage bowing or walking off stage. III. Ideas and Descriptions A. Yelawolf nervously taps on a bottle while waiting on the show to start.This is to the beat of the high-hats. B. Sitting in the green room at Bottletree.Looking into a mirror and reciting the verse. C. A table with elements of his rider shown on the table. D. A Bowl full of all-green M&M's. E. Someone knocking on the green room door on-beat with the snare. F. Security Guard letting girls come backstage while giving the no nod to a guy. 6. Illustration 1: Backstage Hallway to Green Room Backstage : Table for snacks/beer 7. Backstage Table Backstage : Wall (Location Verse 2) Patio : Entrance to Backstage Backstage : Old School Arcade 8. Patio : Misc. Decorations Patio : Misc Decorations Patio : Fuse Ball Table 9. Confirmed Models.