Climate Deadline 2035

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Dr. Komor has created a Lawsuit with all the elements necessary to restore and maintain a healthy global atmosphere. Send your donation as lawsuits against governments are expensive and no single person can afford to foot that bill.


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Today we wake to find ourselves already at the threshold of an atmospheric point-of-no-return. Nervous scientists tell us that by the mid-2030's we will see the onset of "environmental feedback loops" or "tipping levels" - beyond which we will not have the ability to restore our damaged atmosphere.

Already some of these feedback loops are in motion such as: previously reflective arctic ice that is melting leaving heat-trapping dark ocean water exposed and vast stores of methane released; atmospheric warming that is triggering the release of carbon from soil(where most carbon is stored).

Increasing ocean acidification which is leading to escalating marine die-off; increased water vapor (a strong greenhouse gas) causing temperatures to climb further; overheated ocean waters that are releasing stores of dissolved carbon into the atmosphere.

I am Dr. Christian R. Komor , have worked directly with the climate scientists assessing atmospheric disruption, projecting it's timeline and outcomes, and developing strategies for climate rescue. This year I have brought together a team to initiate thefirst federal lawsuitdemanding the US Government initiate a program for active atmospheric carbon removal.

We did the complicated, risky and challenging part -and now it's up to you. Lawsuits against governments are expensive and no single person can afford to foot that bill. "The Climate Lawsuit" needs your voice and your support. Please donate, sign our guest-book and join us. Together we must and will prevail!Visit