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Copernicus Marine Service Open InformationInfoDay Webcast 6th February 2015 WELCOME TO THE FIRST CMEMS OPEN INFODAY

CMEMS InfoDay #1 - Feb 6th 2015

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1. Copernicus Marine Service Open Information InfoDay Webcast 6th February 2015 WELCOME TO THE FIRST CMEMS OPEN INFODAY 2. 2 Practical guidance Reminder: the meeting will be recorded for transcription purposes. For user experience purposes, all microphones will be muted (but the speakers). If you have any question at any given time, you can enter it in the chat window. If you have any problem with WebEx, contact Alice through the chat window or at [email protected] 3. 3 OBJECTIVES of the INFODAY To provide attendees (new entrants in particular) with background information on the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) and understand the scope of needs. To provide taxonomy terms specific to the CMEMS and facilitate the understanding of any related documents. To give a planning overview and a contact list. Next CMEMS Open Information Day : March 18th, more specific to tenders This Open INFODAY is one of our various channels so everyone can access the information needed. 4. 4 Summary 1. Mercator Ocean in brief 2. EU Copernicus programme and contractual framework 3. Copernicus Marine Service Features 4. Copernicus Marine Service Implementation framework 5. Planning 6. Key-contacts 7. Questions and Answers ( WebEx moderation) Slides will be sent upon request 5. 5 1. Mercator Ocean at a glance Since November 11th 2014, Mercator Ocean is the Entrusted Entity for the implementation of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service. French National Centre for Ocean Forecasting Coordinator of the EU funded projects MyOcean (2009-2005) Public shareholders, private status, non-profit Legal form: Socit civile 5 Associates (public institutions) Focused on ocean monitoring and forecasting: Ocean knowledge first Real Time forecasting, global ocean coverage at meso-scale, regional zooms. Highly qualified customized oceanographic service to users all over the world Governance: General Assembly, Board, Director, Scientific Committee 50-60 employees located near Toulouse, France 6. 6 2 . EU COPERNICUS programme and contractual framework 7. 7 EU Copernicus programme 1. COPERNICUS INFRASTRUCTURES: Head of Unit: Reinhard SCHULTE-BRAUCKS 2. COPERNICUS SERVICES: Head of Unit : Mauro FACCHINI 8. 8 Emergency : implemented since 2012 by the EC DG Joint Research Centre (JRC). 6 Copernicus services 9. 9 Copernicus, EU flagship programme manage by EC DG Growth The European Commission's Directorate-General GROWTH (Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs) promotes growth in Europe. http://ec.europa.eu/growth/ EC DG Growth manages two large-scale industrial programmes: Copernicus and Galileo. http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/space/copernicus/index_en.htm 10. 10 EU Copernicus Regulation Copernicus Regulation (Article 4 Copernicus Service Component) the marine environment monitoring service is to provide information on the state and dynamics of physical ocean and marine ecosystems for the global ocean and the European regional marine areas, in support of marine safety, contribution to monitoring of waste flows, monitoring of marine environmental, coastal and polar regions, and of marine resources as well as meteorological forecasting and climate monitoring 11. 11 EU Copernicus Delegation agreement Functional description of the CMEMS: User driven service Core Service Open and free access to data and information Integrated service provision State-of-the-art and evolving information European Service 12. 12 From prototype to Operational Services : a ten years story 13. 13 3 . Copernicus Marine Service key features 14. 14 A core marine service To process and to give access to the best Ocean generic information available, for supporting adding-value expert services. 15. 15 A product portfolio regularly updated Observations, Reanalysis, Reprocessing, Analysis and Forecasts 16. 16 A sole access point for users : marine.copernicus.eu 17. 17 A dedicated Service desk 18. 18 A service scientifically qualified 19. 19 A service useful for 4 areas of benefits 30% 27% 11% 32% Maritime safety Marine & coastal environment Climate seasonal & weather forecasting Marine Resources 20. 20 An increasing User Base (MyOcean legacy) ASSET 2014 4500+ USERS OF THE MARINE SERVICE, AND +130 EVERY MONTH 0 IN 2009 1000 AFTER 3 YEARS 4500 AFTER 5 YEARS 50% RESEARCH / 50% OPERATIONAL 113 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES 318 455 583 914 1165 1433 1713 2028 2348 2690 3122 3564 3992 4281 4570 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 21. 21 4 . Copernicus Marine Service Implementation framework 22. 22 Implementation Tasks Coordination Cross-Cutting Management Production Centres Service Elements Central Service Elements Framework Service Elements 23. 23 Implementation modes ( 2015-2021) Tasks executed by Mercator Ocean : Coordination Cross-Cutting technical management (Service operations, System integration, Science and Product Quality, Outreach) Production Centre : Global Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting Centre (MFC) Participation (development) to : Iberic-Biscay-Irish-IBI - MFC Tasks executed through procurements : Production Centres: TACs ( 4 Thematic Assembly Centres observations) MFCs (6 Monitoring and Forecasting Centres analysis and forecast) Central Information System facility Framework Service Elements Service Evolution and User Uptake 24. 24 The CMS System of Systems Production Centre Service Elements: Thematic Assembly Centres (TACs) Monitoring and Forecasting Centres (MFCs) Central Service Elements: Central Information System (CIS) Service Desk 25. 25 Production centres framework 26. 26 Distributed architecture MyOcean Information System (MIS) User Interface System (UIS) Monitoring TA, PM, SM - Monitoring Dashboard - Static metadata + Dependencies - User Administration Download (CAS) Views SL TAC OC TAC OSI TAC In Situ TAC GlobalMFC Arctic MFC Baltic MFC NWS MFC IBI MFC MED MFC Black Sea MFC Production Centres Central Information System (CIS) Catalog Userregistration About 40 production Units, Spread out over Europe An integrated service based on a distributed architecture Integrated Service 27. 27 Framework Service Elements (FSE) FSE generates the knowledge required for designing service evolutions according to user needs and technological know-how. Two main components set up and regularly renewed through open calls Service Evolution Framework: scientific investigations linked to the assessment and evolution of the Marine Service User Uptake Framework: Improvement of the interface between the Marine Service and the user applications, the definition of products and their impact for users. FSE activities are directly connected to the Service (e.g. system functionalities, product evolutions). 28. 28 5. 2015 planning elements April 2015: MyOcean project end January-April 2015: First tenders batch ( MFC/TAC) May 2015: Copernicus Marine Service implementation kick-off Q1/Q2 - 2015 Priority Objective: Seamless transition for users Q3/Q4 - 2015 June 2015: Consultations for the Framework Service Elements (experts seminars) Summer 2015: FSE roadmaps Fall 2015: First FSE tenders batch Priority Objective: Pooling the skills for service evolution 29. 29 Any question ? Any question related to the Copernicus Marine Service implementation : [email protected] Any question related to current MyOcean services: [email protected] Any question related to OPEN TENDERS (E-mail strictly restricted to open tenders): [email protected] Any question related to EC DG GROWTH and Copernicus Programme: http://ec.europa.eu/growth 30. 30 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION. Lets go for a chat session together! 31. 31 Questions & Answers