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Dealing with environmental concerns

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environmental issues

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  • Extinction Loss of habitat Degradation of environment Pollution Climate change
  • Extinction takes place when the last number of a species dies. Extinction of species may come suddenly when an otherwise healthy species is wiped out completely due to toxic pollution . It is estimated that over 99.9% of all species that ever lived are extinct. The average span of most of the species is 10 millions years.
  • Habitat degradation the main cause of habitat degradation world wide is agriculture with urban sprawl, logging, mining, and certain fishing and hunting practices. Physical destruction: for e g, destruction of ocean floors by bottom fishing . Vital resources including water and food can be limited during habitat degradation ,leading to extinction of some species.
  • Habitats are the place where the organisms live. Habitat is the natural home or environment of animals ,plants ,or other organisms. Habitat loss is the loss area or natural place of an organism. It is due to destruction ,fragmentation or degradation of habitat .
  • Habitat degradation Habitat fragment ation Habitat destruction
  • Agriculture . Land conversion for development. Water development . Pollution. Global warming.
  • Environmental degradation is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air ,water, and soil the destruction of ecosystems and the extinction of wildlife. It can occur naturally or through human process. E g. ozone depletion ,destruction of marine environment .
  • Industrial activities Population explosion Farm mechanization Pesticides and insecticides Felling of trees Urbanization and changing lifestyles Development projects Natural causes
  • Ozone depletion Acid rain Depletion of marine life Loss of forests Pollution of ground water Soil erosion Air pollution Desertification Global warming
  • Pollution refers to the act of contaminating the environment by introducing certain hazardous elements that disturbs ecosystem and directly or indirectly affects the living organisms.
  • Reduced lungs functioning. Irritation of eyes, nose ,mouth and throat . Asthma attacks Headaches and dizziness Cancer Premature death Cardiovascular problems Reduced energy levels
  • Water borne diseases Damage to DNA Liver and kidney problem Hormonal problems Cancer
  • Decreases the efficiency of a man Lack of concentration Fatigue Causes of blood pressure Temporary or permanent deafness
  • Can alter metabolism of micro organism and arthtropods in a given soil environment Disturbance in food chain. Negative effect on predator animal species Animal extinction
  • The earths climate has changed throughout history There is increasing occurrence of floods , famines , storms, hurricanes, and so on Biggest climate change is greenhouse gases which results in global warming.
  • Carbon dioxide Methane Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) Sulfur dioxide Nitrous oxide
  • Rise in sea level Rise in global temperature Warming oceans Shrinking ice sheets Declining arctic sea ice Glacial retreat Ocean acidification
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