Earthquake hazard in kathmandu

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cause and effect of earthquake in kathmandu

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  • 1. TECHNICAL PRESENTATION ON EARTHQUAKE HAZARD IN KATHMANDU Presented by : Indra Man Maharjan Roll no:1307201249 Course: WMBA Ist semester (2013 fall)

2. content Introduction Cause of earthquake Risk of earthquake in Nepal Risk of earthquake in Kathmandu History of earthquake in Kathmandu Effect of earthquake in Kathmandu Safety measure of earthquake 3. Introduction Shaking or vibration of the earth surface is known as earthquake. The magnitude of earthquake is measured in unit called Richter scale and it ranges from 0 to 9 The earthquake more than 7 Richter scale are more devastating. 4. Cause of Earthquake Earthquake is due to tectonic plate movement. During tectonic plate movement two tectonic plate collide with each other which cause earthquake. 5. Risk of earthquake in Nepal There is high probability of earthquake in Nepal because Nepal is formed by pushing of Indian tectonic plate to Tibetan tectonic plate as a result Mt. Everest and other Himalayas are formed 6. History of earthquake in Kathmandu The earthquake of June 7, 1255 AD (1310 BS) is the first recorded earthquake in the history of Nepal. During the earthquake nearly one third of the total population of Kathmandu were killed. Among the killed were the King of Kathmandu valley, Abahya Malla. The earthquake magnitude at that time is believed to be around 7.7 in Richter scale. In August (or September) of 1408AD (1463BS), during the reign of king Shyam singh, a major earthquake destroyed the temple of Rato Matchendranath and many other buildings and temples. In the earthquake that happened in May/June of 1810 AD (1866 BS) many buildings and temples were damaged. 7. The deadliest earthquake on record popularly known as "90 Sal ko bhukampa" occured during Magh of1990 BS (16 January, 1934 AD). The magnitude 8.4 Richter scale earthquake killed 8519 people, destroyed 80893 buildings and severely damaged 126355 more houses. The earthquake of 1988 AD ( 2045 BS), known as Udayapur Earthquake mainly affected the Eastern Development Region and some parts of Central Development region. It caused 721 deaths, 6553 injured, and damage to 64174 private buildings, 468 public houses, 790 government buildings. 8. Risk of Earthquake in Kathmandu Kathmandu is very crowded and unplanned city Most of the houses are not earthquake proof There are many old crowded and cracked houses in old city areas like asan,basantapur, lagan etc. 9. Effect of Earthquake in Kathamandu If lager scale earthquake goes in Kathmandu most of the houses collapse This causes huge loss of life and properties Most of the people are not aware about the safety measure during earthquake Earthquake may lead to short-circuiting and may cause house firing Water recourse will get polluted which may lead many type of diseases like diarrhea and cholera 10. Safety measure of Earthquake Earth quake resistant buildings should be built. The old building also be improved by retrofitting If we are inside the house during earth quake, we should hide under table or any other strong furniture until the shaking stops 11. If we are outside the house at the time of earthquake, we should move in an open place away from buildings, tall trees and poles The doors of classroom and other such public places should be made in such a way that they open outsides. 12. THANK YOU