endangered animals and why?

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About endangered animals.


  • 1. #Fact: They are able to learn up to 1,000 language signs.

2. Critically endangered 4383 are only left. Only found in west Kenya and south Africa. 3. Also known as hunting dogs 6000 are only left. Only found in different parts of Africa. 4. Endangered. 2000 only left. Human-elephant conflict. 5. Polar Bears 1. Can smell a seal from 20 miles away. 2. Effects of Global Climate change. 3. Killed for meat and skin. 6. Giant Pandas 7. 1. Feed on bamboos. 2. Stopped mating. 3. Less than 1,000 left. 4. Fur is rare. 5. They keep balance of the bamboos. 8. Vaquita Dolphins 1. Females are longer than males. 2. Less socializing compared to blue dolphins. 3. Greatest threat are fishing gears. 4. Locates prey with sound of their movement. 9. 1. Also known as strawberry tiger 2. Actually have gold colored fur with pale orange stripes and pale legs. 3. Two Golden tigers can produce a white tiger with no stripes. 4. Attraction and interest because of it color. 5. Habitat destruction. 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-7wLdKjf2Y