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Endangered Animals - Panda-

Animals in danger of extinction- Panda-



Many species of animals disappeared over time, mainly due to the destruction caused by man.

In this work we will talk about a kind Pandas endangered.

Giant Pandas

- Common name: Giant Panda

- Scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

- Geographical Distribution: South China and Tibet.

- Natural habitat: bamboo forests of China's mountainous region

- Eating habits: They feed almost exclusively on soft leaves and bamboo shoots.

- Size: up to 1.50 m.

- Weight: up to 160 pounds.

- Average lifetime: The average life of Pandas is 10-15 years, in their wild habitat and up to 30 years

Is in danger of extinction because

1. Hunting of giant pandas by humans

2. Expansion without restrictions on human activities

3. Low reproductive capacity

4. Only source of food

1. Hunting of giant pandas by humans

Man hunt pandas to provide a decorative, cosmetic purposes and even to eat and this is a very worrying factor because every time there are more people hunting them, even if it means breaking the law

Today there are only 1,000 of these animals in the world, living in forest reserves or captivity.

2. Expansion without restrictions on human activities

With the tremendous population growth, cities and regions have developed, and the forests were felled on a large scale. The habitat of giant pandas was severely destroyed and its space confined to very small areas.

3. Low reproductive capacity

Giant pandas adults only breed once a year. The number of pandas by each birth is one or two, and usually only one survives.

According to experts dedicated in the preservation area, the habitat of giant pandas was separated by rapid urban development, which made it impossible to move to other regions for reproduction, which increases the risk of reproduction among relatives.

4. Only source of food

Giant pandas have a very limited supply because only eat bambu.

However, with the destruction of their habitats and the disruption caused by human today, bamboo flowering and growth of bamboo complicated the problem and created a shortage of food for the giant pandas.

Many of them died of hunger.

Institutions and organizations that help these animals

There are many institutions that give them home and give them better living conditions, as ...

-The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

- World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC)

And global organizations ...

- Greenpeace

- World Wildlife Foudation (WWF)

- Conservation International (CI)

No matter if the animals are unable or not to think. What matters is that they are able to suffer.