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  • A Place

    To Live In,

    Inspired to Work In,

    People want to visit

  • About EUnika Square

    The name of eunika creates a very sensitive, inspirational

    and idealistic nature behind its name.

    It is called eunika square because almost everything in

    the city was built in square shape even the master plan

    of the city.

    Eunika square is a city which been built to become a

    flood resilient city as the topography of the city has

    potential to face flood disaster.

    the location of the city is at the hill side of Cameron

    Highland which most of the trees have been cut off by

    the irresponsible authorities which lead the reasons of

    the existence of Eunika square.

    The Location of the city:


    Cameron highland, malaysia

  • Eunika Square:

    The Zonning Area Of Eunika Square:

    Residential area


    Shop lot


    Multipurpose hall

    Business Centre




    City control









    trekking base

    Main road/


    Avenio tram



    walking route

  • Master Plan of Eunika Square:

    The aim of the city:

    As the city has potential of flood disaster, the main

    focus of the city plan is to make it Flood Resilient City.

    To reforest the hill side of the city.

    Make it flash flood resilient city.

    A Friendly city (suitable for everyone).

    Green approaches.

    Implements high technology.

    Keeps everybody safe and peace

    Makes it a dream city to live in for everybody

    To prioritize the use of public transport

  • The Main Focus in the city:

    Residential area:

    Divides into 6 categories of house

    High class area Elite area

    Elite condominium Terrace Apartment

    Mid-cost area Standard cost area

  • Residential areas:

    These housing area are built with a very unique and all

    the house been built based on green concept.

    Every type house has its own drainage and water system

    to make sure the water is flowing smoothly.

    We enforced each house need to have atleast a recycle


    No house renovate is allowed.

    Solar panel in each house.

    In every Housing area (shown in the plan), there have a

    multipurpose hall also known as emergency alert

    place for residents in case there is emergency.

    Alarm and cctv are convenient in every house especially

    for a single house area (high class, elite, mid-cost,

    standard cost area).

    Each building of the house are built with flood resistant

    system. The concept is like the diagram below:

  • Commercial Areas:

    Implemented go green building concept in this area.

    Every building should have a proper drainage and

    water system which is approved by the citys authority.

    Make sure there are atleast 25 plants planted at the

    side of the building with an opens space landscape

    approved by the city authority.

    Solar system should be implemented in every building in

    the city.

    Every building needs to have underground parking lot

    or empty space. It is for emergency purpose.

    Alarm and cctv are compulsory

    There are bridges connected around the city for a

    cyclist and walking people.

    There are routes for public transport (Avenio Tram)

    covers the whole city.

    We hired a special team to predict and aware what is

    going on in the city.

    As example; if its raining heavily and there is

    possible flood will happen, the team will turn on the

    siren which is connected in every inch of the city.

    Everybody needs to gather at the multipurpose hall.

  • Iconic Building of Eunika Square the other side of the

    . Commercial building

    Garden in the at the middle of

    . commercial area buildings

    Sports Arena:

    Futsal court

    Badminton court

    Ping pong tables


    Basketball court

    Jogging track

    Swimming pool

  • 3Security:

    There is a lot of security

    system available. But to

    make sure the quality and

    the safetiness of our

    people, we just use our

    own security system to

    implant in every building in

    the city.

    Any building which not using

    the system will be given a

    warn letter.

    Every rules implement in the

    city need to follow. We are

    very strict in this matter.

    Not to forget, Every person

    we hired, they are the best

    among the best.

    Every security guard, police

    officer, or the Special unit

    we hired are trained well in

    terms of physical and


  • New initiatives

    Underground road tunnel

    This is an initiative of

    eunika square to reduce

    the flood impact.

    When it is raining, the tunnel

    will be closed to allow the

    water flow under the city.

    When in normal day, the tunnel will be used as a normal


    With this tunnel, traffic problem also can be solved.

    The underground tunnel are implemented in every zone in the



    Avenio tram

    This is 100% low floor tram.

    It is the most energy-efficient tram system(Avenio Tram) with

    the Sitras HES (hybrid energy storage) system.

    By having the tram in the city, it will consumer up to 30% less

    energy per year and produce less energy per year and

    also produce less CO2 than a normal vehicle.

  • Economy

    Biscuits Factory (Harlala crisp)

    In eunika Square, we have

    our own market. We are

    not only depends on the

    import foods.

    We have our own cookies


    In fact, we exporting our

    biscuits to other city.

    Supply vegetables to our


    As the weather is cold in

    Cameron highland, We have a

    large vegetables garden

    which is enough to supply to

    the market in the whole city.

    We never import vegetables

    from outside.

    Based on the statistic of the city, the range of the jobless

    person is very low if compares to the neighbour city.

    We provided a dream city for everybody.

    There is always job waiting for our graduates student.

  • Activities:

    In Eunika square, we have a big sports arena as mentioned


    The purpose of this sport

    arena is because to increase

    the social responsible of

    our people in the city. We

    open a channel for our

    people to sweat, to spend

    more time with family and

    friends. We dont want the

    children only sit inside the

    house and plays with their

    gadget. Its not a healthy

    lifestyle and its not our mission to let the people increase the

    number of obesity problem.


    Instead of living a healthy

    life, we also want our

    children to have a good

    education background. We

    want our children become

    ambitious. Makes them feel

    curious what if they success

    in future. how success they

    want to be.

    So, in our city, we also have

    primary and secondary

    international school.

    At the commercial area,

    there is a building specially

    built for academic

    purposes. There is a big library, british council, tuition centre,

    pre-school and many more.