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LakeviewHannah, dhwani, jose

History of lakeviewLakeview was used as a camp and trail path to begin withConrad Sulzer was the first white settler in the areaIn 1853, one of the first permanent structure was built by James Rees and Elisha Hundley, the building is now called Hotel LakeviewThe town grew because of immigration of families from Germany

History cont.Lakeview experienced a population boom as Chicago suffered a deadly cholera outbreakThe hotel served as a refuge for many of the people of Chicago during this outbreakAs info structure and people started growing, the residences realized a formal government was needed to provide public services Now Lakeview is divided into smaller neighborhoods: Lakeview East, West Lakeview, and Wrigleyvile

Fun factsWrigleyvile is the home of the Chicago CubsIn 2013 Money Magazine named Lakeview as number 3 of the top ten big city neighborhoods for the best places to liveLakeview is the second largest neighborhood of ChicagoLakeview is not dominated by skyscrapers, like Chicago isLakeview is known for pedestrians scaled community, meaning you can walk anywhere

DemographicsPopulation: 94,060Males: 39,683Females: 38,379Median age: 33Median household income $82,542Average household net worth $712,255Married: 83%Single: 18%Average household size 1.9 people


How we got there & LocationLakeview Chicago, ILWe took the Red Line from Grandville to Fullerton then transferred to the Brown Line.Then we took the Brown Line and got off at the Southport stop.Then we walked a couple blocks to the main area.

How we got there

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Southport Lanes & Billiards



Chicagos pizza

Wrigley field

Hannahs reflectionI really enjoyed going to explore Lakeview. This city really surprised me. When we first got off the train, it seemed very dead and boring but, after we walked a few blocks, I saw that Lakeview was actually very fun. There was a lot of different places to eat, especially sweet shops. It was nice to find a new city to explore and I plan to go back to explore more. This trip really changed my view on the second city. I am not from the Chicago area, so whenever I came to visit, I would always go downtown. It was nice and very surprising to see that that there are parts of Chicago that are quiet and relaxed. This experience was very unique because we got to explore the city by ourselves and figure things out, like how to get there, on our own. Lakeview really changed my perspective about Chicago and made me fall in love with the city even more.

Dhwanis reflectionThe new insights that I thought this experience brought me was being able to travel through public transportation and be able to learn how the red line works and connects to other lines, like the brown line. I also learned a lot about Lakeview and how this community is arranged, which is in a way where the public can walk to any place within the town. This experience surprised me because I had one view on Chicago, which was it being a busy city; however, Lake View is really relaxed and the people dont seem rushed at all. This experience has shaped my opinion of the second city in a way where I realized that Chicago is more than just skyscrapers and expensive buildings. I really liked that this town was slow paced and relaxed because it was something different and unique. I think this was an authentic Chicago experience because I was able to see things in Lake View that I normally wouldnt see in downtown Chicago.

Joses reflectionI really liked visiting Lakeview, one of the things that surprised the most was the cost of living there, the average wage of the people in Lakeview is around the 83,000 and I didnt know that. I liked it because the neighborhoods were nice, I had a good time walking around, having a milkshake at Starbucks, etc. but, the place I liked the most was visiting Wrigley Field because I had never been there before.

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