USGBC Releases Rankings of Top 10 LEED Countries

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USGBC Releases Rankings of Top 10 LEED Countries

Frank BenaderetUSGBC Releases Rankings of Top 10 LEED Countries

IntroductionIn addition to serving as managing partner of RES Investment Group, LLC, Frank Benaderet Jr. oversees GreenQuest Builders as company president. Over the course of his career, Frank Benaderet has worked to improve his professional knowledge and skills through memberships in organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

In a recent press release, USGBC announced its list of the top 10 countries outside the United States that are using LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a green building rating system that promotes environmental sustainability. With over 34.6 million square meters of LEED space, China tops this years list but is closely followed by Canada, which currently has just under 34.4 million square meters of LEED-certified spaces.

USGBCOther countries on the list include India, Brazil, Sweden, and Germany. The United States, however, remains the worlds top LEED user. The country is home to over 27,500 LEED projects and boasts 336.84 million gross square meters of certified buildings. In the future, the number of LEED-certified spaces is likely to continue to grow significantly in the United States and other countries, as the green building market is expected to double every three years.


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