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7 wonders of the alpha jet mondo continuous ink jet coder

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The alphaJET mondo is a low-cost, low-odour continuous ink jet that has a lot to offer. It's easy to use and your operators (and health and safety folk) will love the fact that there is practically no smell.

Text of 7 wonders of the alpha jet mondo continuous ink jet coder

  • 1. wonders of the alphaJET mondo ink jet coder
  • 2. #1 Smells as fresh as a daisy Solvent recovery doesnt just mean lower consumable costs. It also means noticeably less smell a significant factor if you are running multiple ink jets in either high or low-care.
  • 3. #2 Doesnt mind getting wet With its IP65 rating, the alphaJET mondo withstands tough production environments and wash-down procedures.
  • 4. #3 Really easy to use The icon-driven touchscreen makes it really simple for operators to change messages, no matter what their native language.
  • 5. #4 Youre in control User profiles and password protection give you a high level of control. Operators can change messages in just 2 clicks and codes are tamper- free.
  • 6. #5 Built to last Manufactured in Germany, the alphaJET mondo is a high quality ink jet that is built to last. But dont worry, its still priced as an entry-level ink jet.
  • 7. #6 Easy to maintain Easy ink change-over, long service intervals and a simple, well thought-through design mean that the alphaJET mondo wont test your patience.
  • 8. #7 Prints 5 lines as standard The ability to print 5 lines gives you more flexibility for different types and styles of code as your requirements change.
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