Mr. healthy food VS Mr. junk food

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Mr. Junk foodVs.Mr. Healthy foodDone by : Haneen Ayman OmarSupervisor : Dr. Latifa Al-sarayraOut lines : --Who is Mr. junk food .- Who is his followers .- Their power points . . - Their weak points- Who is Mr. healthy food .- Who is his followers .- Their power points .- Their weak points .- Who is the winner .- What is after the result .

Mr. Junk food :- Junk food: food that is calorie-dense and nutrient poor.

- got a little nutritional value,And often high in fat , sugar , salt , and calories ,With little protein , vitamins , and minerals .

His followers :

1 - Sweet desserts .

2- snack foods :* Cookies and doughnuts

* Candy and candy bars

* Crackers and chips

3- fast foods : meals that prepared fast and consumed fast , and usually have a low quality preparation .

4- fizzy(soft) drinks

Their power points :- Our Long working time .- The fast food restaurants is everywhere .- A lot of women working outside their houses .- A chance to change the home Routine.- They are delicious .- The commercials .

Their Weak points [bad effect] :- weloss of the family tradition of eating together.- cause many health problems : 1- diabetes . 2- heart disease . 3- overweight& obesity . 4- digestion problems . 5- laziness. 6- nutrient deficiencies. 7- bad effect on brain and memory . 8- high blood pressure. 9- increases in depression.

- They have a weird ingredients .- Most of them have a low quality ingredients and preparation .-They have a low food safety ( source of food poisoning).-causes a type of addictive to it .

some of their visual effects :

Mr. Healthy food :Healthy food : foods that provide essential nutrients and supports health .

- usually fresh or minimally processed , and naturally dense in nutrients , do not contain ingredients that contribute to disease.

-[ breads, pasta, rise, potatoes, cereals, corn ]

- Specially whole grains and whole meal varieties.1- starchy foods.

His followers :

- Fresh or cooked or squeezed .. 2- fruits & Vegetables .

-[ milk, yoghurt, cheese, cream ]

- Specially low-fat products .

4- milk and dairy foods .

-[meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes ]

- Specially lean cuts of meat, and skinless poultry .5- meats.

- must be in limited quantities .- Unsaturated fat .- Foods with added sugars must be limited. 6- fats & sugars.

- His followers usually work beside each other because no single one of them can provides all the nutrients we need, so the way to work is by combining all of them together in a special pyramid form.

Their power points :- Reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as : - heart disease. - stroke. - diabetes. - high blood pressure. - some types of cancer.- Maintain the body functions and vital processes and sustain growth.- Reduces the risk of obesity.-help you get the right balance ofvitamins, minerals .- help to handle stress better.

Their Weak points:- Its hard to find healthy food restaurants.- We cant get them anytime or anywhere .- It takes longer time to make a healthy meal.- Usually a healthy meal don't look that delicious.- We are lazy to prepare our own food in the morning, and take it with us .- We dont use to eat healthy food.

The result:The truth is that in our minds we all know that Mr. healthy food must win,But in our real life this is not what happen.

In our world Mr. junk food is the winner, and not only that, we are addicted to hem and his followers, because they are designed to keep us coming back for more.after this result : - Now we know how bad is Mr. junk food and his followers, but in the same time we know that we can't get rid of his control completely, so all we have to do is to try as hard as we can to start going with Mr. healthy food and his followers, to reduce that bad effects we have on our lives and bodies.

- And here is some guidelines to help with that

- First You must convince yourself that this is the right thing to do, and know that you will face many difficulties in that, but you are strong enough to go throw all that and be a healthy person .

- dont try to change every thing at once.- Try to have support from people around you.

- Plan your healthy diet.- Keep the junk food out of the house and Fill it with healthy choices.

- While shopping: - read the label carefully. - dont chose a product that the sugar is number 1 or 2 ingredient. - try to minimum the processed foods. - bay a lot of fruits and vegetables and try new items.

- Stop eating food just to fill your stomach & start looking to fuel your body and feed your cells.- Always search for new healthy recipes .

- Follow the healthy ways in preparation the food.- If you have to eat junk food (and you will), learn how to choose what you eat carefully.

- Based your children diet on healthy foods and Try to make the healthy meal a funny thing.

Funny meals for children


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Hope you enjoy And Thank you