New Year's Eve cocktails from around the world

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<ul><li><p>NEW YEARS EVE</p><p>COCKTAILS LOOKING FOR A GOOD HOTEL BAR WITH GREAT COCKTAILS THIS NEW YEARS EVE? LOOK NO FURTHER. HERE ARE A FEW FAVORITE COCKTAIL RECIPES FROM HOTELIERS AND F&amp;B EXPERTS IN NYE MARKETS AROUND THE WORLD.</p><p>We use our house pour, locally produced Hippocampus small batch gin. Weve used borage as the garnish as its often seen to ward away dusky melancholy, bring about courage and comfort the heart; a great way to bring in the new year.</p><p>50ml Hippocampus gin25ml Elderflower Liqueur20ml fresh, organic lemon juiceServed with Billecart Salmon Champagne foam floated over the drink. Garnished with a perfumed borage flower. </p><p>DRINK: PKS Ego BoragePRICE: AU$19 ($14)</p><p>2oz Crown Royal ReserveA dash of maple syrup0.5oz vermouthSmoked with flavored wood chips</p><p>DRINK: Smoked Maple ManhattanPRICE: CA$20 ($15)</p><p>Belvedere unfiltered vodkaCampariBitter Truth Elderflower liqueurTopped with Moet &amp; Chandon champagneGarnished with edible gold dust</p><p>DRINK: Year of the RoosterPRICE: $22</p><p> 2016 STR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. illustrations: annamarie hudson</p><p>JAMES NORTONfood and beverage supervisor, Peppers Kings Square Hotel</p><p>This drink is all about the entertainment and the experience you provide the guests. Smoking the cocktail with fresh wood chips has to be my favorite part of making the drinkvery rarely do bars prepare smoked cocktails that are poured tableside in front of guests.</p><p>VIPAN KUSHALAPPAdirector of outlets, InterContinental Toronto Centre</p><p>The drink is excellent in a glass with a little opulence (gold dust). Named for the year to come! MIKE ROSALYGM of the Living Room cocktail lounge at W New York Times Square</p><p>WHERE TO FIND IT:Peppers Kings Square HotelPerth, Australia</p><p>WHERE TO FIND IT:InterContinental Toronto CentreToronto, Canada</p><p>WHERE TO FIND IT:W New York Times SquareNew York City, New York</p><p>FROM AROUND THE WORLD</p></li></ul>