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Restaurant Booking Apps - Social Analysis

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Tepid Fan Growth hampers Branding & Awareness

Dineout has a Fan Page Growth of 3.7% since the past 6 months

There was an increase of 3208 fans for the page

Eazydiner has a Fan Page Growth of 21.8% since the past 6 months

A total of 4317 fans increased for the page

Content Frequency is Crucial for Brand Growth

1.01 Post/Day2.71 Post/Day Facebook is an imperative medium for branding and awareness

Content frequency for Eazydiner is comparatively much higher vis a vis Dineout

As per the new algorithms Facebook Page Content Reach has decreased to a mere 2% to its total audience and content preference of friends and family is to be given preference

A higher post frequency will result in better visibility for the brand

Post sharing can result in better visibility for the brand. Hence brand needs to create content that takes into account the user preferences

Eazydiner has high Engagement Score but . .

373 Engagement Average Post Engagement 373

Overall Page Engagement Breakdown 44,056 Likes, 368 Comments & 2,191 Shares

Facebook Content for Eazydiner is highly promoted and hence results in higher Engagement and visibility

Most Shared Content - 8Most Engaging Post

Most Engaging Post

Dineout outperforms Eazydiner but content strategy needs to be revised. .

256 Engagement Average Post Engagement 256

Overall Page Engagement Breakdown 19,672 Likes, 666 Comments & 2,534 Shares

Facebook Content for Dineout receives more organic reach and impressions vis a vis Eazydiner

Low content frequency and limited promotion mars Dineout performance

Most Shared Promoted Post - 992

Most Shared Organic Post - 65

Most Engaging Post

Facebook Post Timings

The best timings for maximum engagement are 12-1 PM and between 4-6 PM whereas Tuesday-Thursday surprisingly have the maximum engagement scores


Steady follower Growth owing to Contests

Dineout had a massive increase % of 38.1% in the follower count since past 6 months

There was an increase of 893 followers for the page

The brand page posted for 1009 times with each tweet getting an average engagement of 63

Contests drive engagements for the brand

Best Performing Tweets

Twitter Engagement is high for contests related posts while low Blog link and branding posts

Top hash tags for the brand were #bottomsup, #contest, #win and #dineoutgothot However a better use of the hash tags for branding purposes couldve been done

Twitter brand strategy is a perfect mix of branding and awareness for the brand

Brand Engagement with followers on Twitter

Brand Engagement with Customers Brand engagement with followers lead to high trust and increased satisfaction among followers

Brand engagement with followers has been high

Brand replies to sort queries and problems have been high with an average reply time of 1 hr 45 mins



Instagram is a visual medium . . Instagram has revised its algorithm which results in customized photo feed for the user that is based on the likelihood youll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post

The alteration in the Instagram feed mirrors the Facebook News Feed which can be a setback for brands as the feed is customized according to every user

Eazydiner has a post frequency of 1.7 Post/ Day whereas Dineout has a post frequency of 0.41 Post/ Day

Instagram account of Eazydiner focuses primarily on visual aesthetics of foods while also incorporating the day to day events in its posts

Instagram account of Dineout focuses more on user engagement with the brand, branding, memes and info graphs

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