Waffles make your mornings different and refreshed

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  2. 2. WAFFLES BRINGING A TWIST TO INDIAN BREAKFAST ROUTINES Waffles is originally a Belgian snack. But with such worldwide acceptance, it was introduced in India. Indians have seem to have loved waffles with all their hearts. You can bring a much needed change to your breakfast routines. You do not have to continue eating the same , boring breakfast. Waffles are not only tasty, but they can also be cooked easily. Days when you do not wish to put in too much of efforts for breakfast or mid-day snacks, you can choose to cook waffles. All you need is a waffle iron and some fruits or sauces for toppings. If you get the base correct, the toppings can be experimented with. If you have kids in your house, you can use chocolate sauces or mayonnaise as toppings and get them to eat their tiffin; unlike otherwise when they return home with half-eaten tiffin.
  3. 3. NOW WAFFLES IN MUMBAI- YOUR VERY OWN WAFFLE HOUSE Just like people with the wander lust bug love to explore new places, foodies love exploring new cuisines and restaurants. Most of these foodies have a very deep knowledge about food and their varieties. Some of these foodies love to cook. In case you do not belong to this category, you do not have to worry about eating your favorite dish. One of the most loved mid-day snack is waffles. If you do not want to cook, all you have to do is find out the number of restaurants or waffle houses that serve yummy and finger-licking waffles. If you live in the city if dreams Mumbai, your worries will be put to rest. Waffles in Mumbai is a very easy thing to find. There are many restaurants that serve waffles with a soft base and different toppings.
  4. 4. WELCOMING WAFFLES IN INDIA WITH OPEN HANDS AND WARM HEART Waffles may be a very new concept in India, but it has been loved and welcomed with such a warm heart. The regular, boring breakfast routines seems to be changing and evolving. There are many kitchens where you can get the fragrance of waffles being cooked. Waffles in India is something that can now be seen everywhere. There are many waffle houses that serve the best waffles. Waffles in India may not be as authentic as the ones you find in foreign land. But they still taste delicious. It is made of batter and hence can be made easily. Also they are healthy and very filling. So you do not need to have any concerns regarding the health or how stomach-filling will it be.
  5. 5. THE BEST WAFFLE RECIPE TO YOUR RESCUE If you love cooking and experimenting with dishes, then cooking waffle sis definitely going to be fun for you. If you are absolutely clueless about waffles and the making, you can refer to many recipes online. Pick the best waffle recipe and make sure you do it as directed. The first time may not turn as good as you expect it to, but as you keep trying you are sure to achieve that milestone as well. You can also put a personal touch while making waffles. Once you have learnt how to get the base right, you can experiment with the toppings. You too can create your best waffle recipe and post it online. Take inspiration and be an inspiration to others.
  6. 6. YUMMY WAFFLE SIN DIFFERENT TYPES Waffles come in different types. American Waffle, Belgian Waffle or Brussels Waffle, Lige Waffle, Malt Waffle or Malted Waffle are some of the many types available. Each of these waffles have a history attached to it. The waffles you get in India may not be exactly like these, but they do taste yummy. Since they are new into the Indian market, they will slowly and gradually take time to reach the kind of waffles you get in other countries. Indians however have seemed to be loving what they are getting here already. There are many waffle houses across the country that are being thronged by people all over, which is a clear indication of how they are in high demand.
  7. 7. MUMBAI- A CITY THAT GIVES YOU EVERYTHING INCLUDING WAFFLES If you live in Mumbai, you very well are aware that this city is called the city of dreams. And rightly said so, this city does bring your dreams to reality. It is a favorite hangout place for all foodies, this metropolitan city has managed to keep their taste buds satiated with its different types of cuisines. One such dish that has been widely accepted are waffles. Waffles in Mumbai is a growing trend now. College students, to professionals everybody love waffles. So if you too are one of them ,you will be glad to know that you can find many waffle houses in Mumbai. If not visit, you can make these at home in couple of minutes.
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