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Overview of IT strategy in Japan

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  • IT Strategy in Japan Kenji Hiramoto Executive Advisor to the Government CIO, Japan April, 2013
  • 2011-3-11 Great East Japan Earthquake 1 The earthquake was a pivotal turning point for Japan.Yahoo! JAPAN East Japan Earthquake Picture Project
  • 2011-3-11 Great East Japan Earthquake 2 Everyone thought, We must do something. We can do something. Yahoo! JAPAN East Japan Earthquake Picture Project
  • New Social Structure for the future. 3 Government NPO Civic Hacker Society Small Government + Empowerment area Industry
  • IT Strategy 4 Declaration to be the World's Most Advanced IT Nation Eliminating Gridlock and Rejuvenating Japan Achieve an IT Nation on the cutting edge of the world by 2020
  • The Society that Japan Should Seek to become 5 Create a society that encourages the creation of new and innovative industries and services and growth open data and big data agriculture open innovation and new businesses The worlds safest and most disaster-resilient society where people can live safely, with peace of mind, and comfort healthy, longevity society disaster-resilient society Intelligent transportation system work-life balance Create a society with one-stop public services that anyone can access and use from anywhere at any time Provide highly convenient electronic government services, Reform national and local government administrative information systems
  • Technology Challenge 6 Sensoring Technologies Networks Services
  • Intelligent Transportation System Traffic Jams Maintenances Accidents Driving Data Traffic and road closure information Predicted Arrival time Private films. Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Pioneer ITS Japan Smooth driving Reduce Accident Speedy rescue & recovery VICS Center Driving data Data of Traffic jams, Maintenances and Accident Driving data (Hard braking) Data of Accident Driving data (Traffic history) Data of Maintenance (Closure) Photo: MLIT, Toyota, Honda, ITS Japan 7
  • Weather forecast GO-U! Detector show us the detail real-time information of rain. 88 5km SituationAR(250m mesh) Tokyo amesh https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id655469995?mt=8 X-band MP radar network X-band radar Radar Sensor Tokyo Metropolitan Government MLIT http://tokyo-ame.jwa.or.jp/ Go U Detector A decade ago Now Avoid being caught in the heavy rain!! heavy rain
  • Earthquake early-warning system for Shinkansen Enable to slow down high- speed trainShinkansen Case in the earthquake in 2011: Hayate, Yamabiko 9 Hayate25 (245km/h) Hayate28 (unknown) Yamabiko59 (270km/h) Hayate27 (270km/h) Yamabiko63 (270km/h) Max Yamabiko144 (unknown) Hayate26 (270km/h) Yamabiko142 (238km/h) Hayate29 (270km/h) Nasuno259 (unknown) Yamabiko63 (270km/h) Seismometer Shinkansen 50 10 1 Damage Civil Eng. Electricity (Map & Photo: JR EAST)
  • Dark Bright Street map Local government provides the data of streetlamps. NGY Night street advisor Street lamp information (100,000) + Google map Navigation function. Safety route!
  • Future plan 11 Key Technologies Interoperability Framework & Standards Vocabulary set Data standards Simple Government Government as a platform
  • THANK YOU 12 Visit Japan! and Check our achievement!