After-school Program from Kids in New Directions (KIND)

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  1. 1. After-school Program fromKids in New Directions (KIND)Marta Batmasian
  2. 2. After-school Program from Kids in NewDirections (KIND) A former real estate management executive, Marta Batmasian has heldmore than 40 board directorships and committee positions over the pastthree decades. Marta Batmasian is particularly committed to youtheducation and has actively supported Kids in New Directions (KIND), afaith-based organization founded by Memorial Church to provide servicesfor at-risk and underserved youth in Dayton, Ohio.
  3. 3. After-school Program from Kids in NewDirections (KIND) With an emphasis on mentoring, health, and education, KIND believes thatthe key to success is getting children inspired and involved. Theorganizations after-school program currently serves around 70 students inkindergarten through 12th grade; three times a week, students participatein educational activities related to art, mathematics, music, and science.The goal is to ensure that each student performs at or above grade level ineach core subject area.
  4. 4. After-school Program from Kids in NewDirections (KIND) Every two months, KIND sponsors educational and fun field trips as a rewardfor hard-working students. Recent trips include the Newport Aquarium, thecircus, and the Creation Museum.


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