Finding Inspiration Online for Non-Profits

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  • Finding Inspiration Online:Inspiring Websites and Insights

    Into Success

  • Finding Inspiration Online

    As a marketer for a non-profit, Im often asked if Ive seen anything new and exciting online that could help generate fundraising activities for the company

    I usually keep an eye out and an ear peeled to the Internet grapevine

    Ive found that viral campaigns, regardless of the actual material, usually come in a few different categories

  • Finding Inspiration Online

    Lets talk about 3 today to start those creative juices. I call them:

    -Seeing is believing-The voice of reason-Tools of the Trade

  • Seeing Is Believing

  • Seeing Is Believing

    Everyone needs some good news in their day. A gem of content that makes them feel closer to their fellow man.

    The Seeing is believing category compiles those viral campaigns that show the good in people that people all over the world are doing amazing things that inspire

    Following are two very different examples to show the sky is the limit

  • Caines Arcade

    To see the campaign, visit:

  • Crowdfunding Creativity

    The story of Caines Arcade was made into an inspiring short film where an up and coming documentarian recruited a whole

    gang of people to play Caines arcade games

    The story went viral with people across the world wanting to help creative kids like Caine

    A scholarship fund was set up for Caine and others like him to go to college almost a quarter of a million dollars were raised

    Worth noting, this campaign made it very easy to donate even small amounts of money a great example of crowdfunding

  • People Are Awesome

    To see the campaign, visit:

  • The Good News Cycle

    People are Awesome really taps into the need for good news about people

    People are Awesome shows that people can do awesome things when they put their mind to it the things highlighted arent really solving issues either but are awe inspiring.

    Content is updated regularly

  • The Voice of Reason

  • The Voice of Reason

    People are increasingly heading to the Internet to gain inspiration and motivation to change their lives for the better

    The voice of reason category compiles all those websites that give practical tips and guidance for all types of life goals

    It can come in the form of motivational speaking, blog posts, or other word-based formats

    Following is one example how one person is helping people across the globe stay physically and mentally fit and active

  • Chalene Johnson

    To see her content, visit:

  • Motivational Speaker with No BS Attitude

    Chalene is a fitness coach and motivational speaker who uses the Internet to broadcast her message

    She creates podcasts on a number of topics, posts on most social media channels and creates courses you can take to motivate yourself into action

    She uses her words of wisdom to inspire

  • Tools of the Trade

  • Tools of the Trade

    While some people use their words of wisdom, other opt for scientific methods

    Tools of the trade compiles those sites which have studied scientific methods to motivate, inspire, etc.

    They then provide the tools necessary so anyone can easily follow their findings and incorporate them into their everyday life

    Following are two examples of how this can be done both online and off with great success

  • Passion Planner

    To see the planner, visit:

  • Day-to-Day Goal Management

    Passion Planner went viral across social media in November of last year

    Passion planner was started through kickstarter by a college student

    She gave away the PDF version of the planner if you shared the kickstarter campaign which resulted in huge sales

    The planner helps you break down your short-term and long-term goals in the form of a day planner.

    She uses well known science and some creativity to help others achieve their goals this year and into the future

  • Happify

    To see the happiness tracks, visit:

  • The Happiness Guru

    The site is both free or paid for with a greater number of tracks if you pay

    The site asks experts across the field of happiness, motivation, self-understanding, etc to distill their knowledge into short exercises

    A person chooses which course, called a track, that is most suited to them. They join the track and complete daily exercises which help them improve their happiness related to their specific need

  • Now Its Your Turn

    How can you inspire people to fulfill their dreams, goals, and ambitions?

    How can you spread the positive work people are doing in your company or local area?

    Have you been studying a topic that could change the way people think about their lives? How can you distill this down so anyone can learn from it?