From Protest to Politics: Honoring Ukraine’s New Democrats

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Text of From Protest to Politics: Honoring Ukraine’s New Democrats

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2014 NDI Democracy Award DinnerJoin the conversation:

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Oleskandr Solontay

What is happening? Theyre trying to scare the country! The only chance is for everyone in Kyiv to go out onto the streets. If you left Kyiv, come back! Understand that we have a real threat to lose all rights and freedoms if youre not on the Maidan. On December 10th, the world will recognize International Human Rights Day, the anniversary of the Declaration. Lets celebrate this together for the sake of our future!

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Hanna Hopko

Ukraine is important for the United States and the world, because we can complement and balance the world with a new vision, the ability to stand for human values. Our success can be extended further on. In geopolitical chaos some people try to depict us as historical outsiders. As a guide, I get to tell our history by showing him St. Sophia Cathedral, built in the 11th century, long before Moscow was founded.

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Serhiy Leshchenko

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Voted on Podil + photo of me in front of my first official candidate poster.

Friends, thank you for your trust. We will work to ensure it.


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